What Talent Provides a Leader

To maximize your leadership requires finding, developing, and concentrating on your greatest areas of talents. Donald Clifton says talents are “your naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.” They are the unique skills and abilities you were born with. Talent provides a leader with these positive things:

A position- Every organization needs a talented team of people and leaders. The key is to capitalize on your talents while working hard and maintaining your work ethics. When a leader does this it provides a position on the team and gives them job security. Good companies are always looking for talented leaders who live with character.

Sense of fulfillment- When a leader works in areas of talents it brings fulfillment. They go to bed at night able to feel a sense of pride and fulfillment because they had the opportunity to make a difference with their talents. Johann Wolfgang Goethe said, “The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.”

Purpose- Identifying your personal talents can direct you toward your life purpose. This is because your purpose and talents are closely connected with each other. If you find one of those areas the other soon will follow. Talents provide a roadmap to accomplishing your purpose and dreams. When I started to discover my talents in leadership it gave me a picture of my purpose and life calling. The same thing can happen to you when you find your personal talents.

The best results- Great leaders understand the importance of working in areas of personal talents. They know when they do they will produce the best results. So they focus on talents while delegating weak areas. Author Marcus Buckingham said, “Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield. The time you spend with your best is, quite simply, your most productive time.”

Energy- Talent provides energy because you’re working in areas of strengths and passions. It provides you with a drive and enthusiasm about the day and future. Even if the task is demanding or challenging you will be full of energy when you focus on areas of talents.

Questions: What are some positive things your talents have provided you? Can you add to the list?

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42 thoughts on “What Talent Provides a Leader

  1. Dan, I would add that when a leader focuses on his area of talent it also provides blessings for those who work with him and for him. It always brings me joy when I see a person who is obviously maximizing the use of their talents. They enjoy what they are doing and they are usually bringing joy to others while doing it. As an example I am not talented in finances, I’d rather pull my nails out with pliers than sit down and crunch numbers. One of my coworkers just loves doing accounting and crunching numbers. He’s glad that I’d rather have him to that job and so am I! That allows us both to focus on our areas of talents!

    • I totally agree. I believe are talents are for the use of helping and adding value to other people. Great example! Keep working in areas of talent:) Thank you for reading and adding to the topic!

  2. My talents also add a sense of enjoyment to my life. Most of my talents are things I enjoy doing, and have found a way to turn them into a hobby or, at the very least, something I like to do for fun. Writing, speaking, graphic design (to name a few) are all things I do for fun as well as for work and making money.

  3. It allows me to share encouragement.
    It allows me to challenge perspectives on life.
    It allows me to actively demonstrate that we are not bound by circumstances.

    I love the positive vibe of your post!

  4. Great post. Beside the points you maid, I would add the following to “What Talent Provides a Leader”

    Clarity / Intensity : When you work from your strengths / talents, you have at your disposal an intensity and confidence that add additional momentum, which the team works from and uses. They feed off of your presence rather then worry about your role power.

    Boundaries: It is equally important to know which work not to take on, although this can be attacked or mitigated with the skills of delegation and networking, so as to not slow down your project or team by working on areas that are not your strengths.

  5. Good one, Dan. I think the passion to pursue our talents also provide or begin to provide a plan, a road map toward where it is the God given talent is taking us. Just one more example of God’s miraculous design.

  6. All of those are great points Dan. Especially the point about energy. When we’re working in areas of talent, it requires less energy to start and complete the task.

    Talent can also provide a leader with margin. Knowing what you do and what you’re good at, you’re able to pour into those areas and complete them faster than others. Thus freeing up time and margin.

  7. Great points.

    I know working in the talents God has blessed me with has provided contentment and happiness like I’d never known before. I used to go to bed and worry over my performance at work. Now I go to bed and thank God for all He allowed me to do. I know I mess up, but I don’t agonize over it. Now I see it as opportunities to grow and learn. Before I always felt beat up and let down, now I feel…well, wonderful!

  8. I think it’s totally Christian to think that we were made as individuals and we each have our own talents. I think we owe it to the rest of the world, out of love, to best serve them and love them by finding and using our talents.

  9. Actively seeking to discover my talents and work in them has pushed me away from teaching and into coaching – which has been the “multiplier” in terms of results for me.

  10. Here is what the strengths finder says about me. Seek a career in which you will be given credit for and paid for your ideas, such as marketing, advertising, journalism, design, or new product development. I am an Idea person… I can add Ideas to the list because ideas make the creation. Now along with all of the other bullet points, that equals to action. My talents have landed me exactly where I want to be. Now I need to keep applying so that I can stay where I want to be and improve myself to get others here as well.

    • That’s great you took the strength finder test. I’m also an idea person. Yes, action is essential when it comes to maximizing our talents. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  11. Great post. I think the best way to live and express our calling is by taping into our God-given talents. Good quotes in this post.

  12. Love “talent” and “energy.”

    The best teams I’ve ever led have been filled with people who are talented and energetic. Not only were they fun to lead, their talent and energy caused me to grow in both as well.

  13. Talent has allowed me to connect with some unbelievable people. When you discover your strengths, you are naturally drawn to some amazing people who are headed in the same direction.

  14. Discovering, working within and growing my talents has increased momentum in my life. The more I practice, the better i become, the faster i get to where I need to go.

    I like how you connect purpose and talents. Some of us go looking for purpose “out there”, forgetting that it’s found within us. Talents are God-given, to help us fulfill His purpose for our lives.

    Awesome awesome post!

    • Great word, momentum. I totally agree with you about it increasing when we work in areas of talent. Glad your seeing the benefits from being in areas of talent.

      Thank you for reading and adding to the conversation.