Everyone Can Influence Someone Today

Anyone can influence someone today. Influencing someone does not require a leadership or manager position or title. However, if you positively influence people it will allow you to become a leader. Influence can be defined as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.” It’s important to begin to or raise your influence in the different areas of your life. Below are 4 areas anyone can begin or increase their influence today:

1. Family

I believe the most important area to influence is family. Successfully influencing in the other areas requires the ability to have and maintain positive influence within your home. I have found serving, quality family time, leadership, and setting a high standard example essential when it comes to increasing your influence at home. Remember your leadership impact starts at home.

2. Work

Anyone can influence the people they work with from subordinates, colleagues, direct manager, to upper management. Author Mark Sanborn said, “It doesn’t matter what your position is, or how long you’ve worked at your job. Anyone at any level can learn to be a leader and help to shape or influence the world around them.” The foundation of influencing while at work is to effectively use your time and energy to be superb in your current position. Then to expand by taking on extra work, bring creative ideas to the table, finding solutions to department or organizational problems, and building team unity.

3. Online

The internet is a powerful way to start or increase your influence. Social media and blogging gives anyone the ability to showcase their craft and talents. This can allow you to work in passion areas and move you toward your dreams. An important element to gaining online influence is to be both strategic and disciplined in Build a Platform.

4. Community

The key to influencing our communities comes through involvement. This requires being intentional in finding and engaging in community relations and activities. This can be done by volunteering at a local church, a non-profit organization, or being the catalyst in starting or changing something that leads to a stronger and united community (Or neighborhood). Let’s remember the words of Marianne Williamson the next time we think about influencing our community, “In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it. “

Questions: What are some other areas anyone can start or increase their influence in? How are you expanding your influence?

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63 thoughts on “Everyone Can Influence Someone Today

  1. You really captured each area very well. These are all areas we can influence others.

    I believe that one word really works well within all areas. Involvement. Being present. A lot of other factors would play a role, but in each one we have to be involved – investing ourselves, our talent, as well as our time.

    I’m trying to be involved in each area you’ve listed.

    • Great point, being involved and active in each area is essential. I’m trying to find ways to increase my influence within the community( outside of the church). Keep it up!

      • Not sure if you’re interested but a great way to polish your speaking skills, get real experience, and help the community would be volunteering to deliver a lesson or something at a substance abuse rehab center. I believe there are portions of your message that would resonate there very well.

        • Great idea, I’ve been thinking about and researching on where I can do something like that. I have over 3 years working with youth who where in drug and alcohol rehab so can relate with people who are in rehab. Thanks for mentioning that:)

          • I spoke at one and we discussed Leadership at Work and Home (I did a many blog series on it earlier). It’s a long-term care place, and residents are gradually re-entering the workforce, and preparing for an exit. I’ve not counseled people as a profession, but I grew up in an atmosphere where substance abuse was a major problem.

            • That’s great! Sometimes our personal experience is more valuable than education. I know my experience has helped me relate and connect with those going through a hard time. I’ll be looking into finding a place to speak:)

              • With your passion about serving others, and your expertise on leadership, I’m sure you could deliver 3 points (at least) that could dramatically help with reflection and action (even if you had no life experience with it). Just help them learn something they may not have previously had the opportunity to learn/hear because of their life distraction. I’m confident you have it in you.

                • I agree:) I’m starting to send out speaking proposals to different conferences but volunteering my time to present a speech in my community would be a positive investment for myself and the people who would benefit from hearing it. Thank you again for the idea:)

  2. This is somewhat an extreme case, but I am increasing my influence into the country of Romania this March. I’ll be leading a mission team there working with a recent church plant. I’m excited to see the level of influence I’ll have. Watching what God has done in Czech the past 8 years gets me pumped thinking about the level of influence I’ll have in Romania.

  3. I find that I need to stop more often and pay attention to the people in my life. There is nothing like face to face time with my kids or those I work with to increase trust, understanding and influence.

  4. Nice post. I think family should always be first in our influence sphere. I’d like to do more influencing in the community in the future. It’s hard to get involved as a single dad. My hope is that my writing will slowly move me in the direction of the real world as much as online. I am scheduled to do a church talk in April and have a second possibility beyond that.

  5. As general as it seems, I think influence can be seen and might even start in the smallest areas of our lives. In fact these are the things that truly define who a person really is. Small things like holding a door, a smile to person whose grouchy, a “hello” to the trash man or landscaper. And the biggy, being polite in traffic. I think the biggest indicator of who someone is and the mood that they’re in is how they conduct themselves in traffic. You can fool people sometimes in person, but we reveal our hearts with a steering wheel in our hand!

    • You had to bring up traffic:) I can tend to lean toward being an aggressive driver. God is still working on me in this area. It’s just those dang people who drive slow in the fast lane that really get me angry/frustrated.

      I like your point about influencing starts in the small areas of our life. It’s so true. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  6. Influencing is a key to success in life. I hope to influence people to follow their dreams and achieve them. Of course, my ultimate goal is to influence others to have a relationship with Christ. I find it awesome you put family first…that’s really where it all starts.

  7. The interesting thing about influence is its almost like a domino effect. If we surround our selves with negative influence we can negatively influence others.If we surround ourselves with positive influence we can positively influence others to make a positive impact in their sphere of influence.

    • Wonderful point Jenise! It’s so important to be careful who we associate with. To maximize our influence requires being around other positive influences. Thank you for stopping by and adding to the topic discussion.

      ps. Do you have a site or blog?

    • Excellent point Jenise. We need to be aware of who we’re spending our time with. Not saying we shouldn’t spend time with those who aren’t positive but just not as much time as we do with the positive ones.

  8. love this quote- ““In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation,
    there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it”

    Lately I’ve been feeling God tell me to step up my involvement and commitment at church (though He hasn’t shown me exactly how yet).

    This is hard because my time is limited. I’m already part of choir and do once a month Inspirational Speeches. However, I know there is more to be done and God will give me the power, energy, time and skill to do whatever He desires.

    Great post.

    • I also really liked that quote.

      I’m sure He will direct you when it comes to where and when to get involved more. I think discernment between our own feels/desires to serve and God’s leading is important. When it’s Gods will and not our own desire/plan He provides the energy and strength to do it. However, when I participate in a good cause that might be because of my own leading I don’t feel as much strength/passion/ energy for what I’m doing.

      Does that make sense?

  9. Influence can happen in everything we do…at the gym in the morning, around the breakfast table before work, on the road to the office, throughout the day at the office, at after work activities like scouts, basketball practice, small group,…. Thanks for the reminder to make the most of these opportunities to influence!

  10. I think you said it best when you talked about discipline in building your online platform. Discipline is key in building influence in all of these areas. We can spend years building influence in our families, work, online, and community, but it can all be gone in an instant if we give in to the temptation (laziness, anger, lust, etc.) of a single moment.

  11. Wow, I love your definition of influence. The wonderful thing is that no matter what our skill set, we’re all able to influence others in some way. When my kids were young, most of my influence was in the home. As they grew older, I was able to teach speech, interpersonal communications, and Bible studies to them and other teenagers which was really fun. And now, with one left at home and a lot more time on my hands I’m taking my first steps into volunteering in the community with hospice and the nursing home. I feel like there’s a whole new world out there to explore! Am excited about it. :)

    • Thanks you. I totally agree anyone at any age can influence someone. Even a crying baby can influence their parents to feed them:) That’s great your influence is going from your home (most important area) to different areas like blogging, church, and social. Keep at it, your doing great!

  12. You’ve hit almost every area Dan. I’m racking my brain to think of another one and am coming up blank.

    I’m with you though. We’re influencing even when we’re not realizing it. Someone’s watching and learning from our actions.

    • While grocery shopping today I also thought about another area, relationships. We have the ability to influence our friends and people we come in contact with. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Your great!

  13. This is a loaded question Dan. However, I would like to influence more in my small group. I want to make sure that I am leading a biblical life and that other can see it first hand.

  14. Number one is the key. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to influence others that we forget to positively influence the people at home. I share this statement my wife said to me several years age. She said you can speak into everyone’s life, but me. That statement changed my mindset on who I should focus on first.

    • I relate with what happened. My wife said a similar thing a few years ago to me and I had to switch some things around so she/home life was top priority. Oh, the lessons we learn in life:) Thank you for being open enough to share your experience with us. I appreciate it.

      • Reading this reminds me of a story my pastor shares often. one day he planned out his weekly schedule and excitedly shared it with his wife. His wife looked at schedule, then at him and asked “and where do i fit in here?” He ‘d jammed up his schedule with plans, work and things to do – without ‘wife-time’. That question changed his life forever and how he went about his plans and time. Am so blessed to see you guys sharing about putting first things first. its priceless to wives :)

  15. Maybe the leadership effect is like the butterfly effect; any number of small actions we do today could have significant ramifications, for good or bad. I’m challenged to influence my local community (#4).

  16. Hey Dan, I think we can influence others and be influenced by them by direct or indirect interaction.

    For instance, if I write a book and someone reads it, that person may be influenced by me even though I’ve never met that person before.

    I think that’s a very strong reason why we should always put our best efforts in what we do because our influence (good or bad) and our actions are always leaving trails of our general persona in other people.

    Great read Dan.

    • Hello Sergio,

      Wonderful point man. That’s one reason why I want to write books, so they can impact people I will never meet and add value even after I’m gone.

      I agree, we should do our best with 100 percent effort no matter what we are doing. We never know who it will impact or influence.

      Thank you for stopping by to read and adding to the conversation.

  17. You’ve covered the main areas i can think of right now. I love that you’ve included ‘online’ as an area of influence. It’s become a massive area over the years.Awesome awesome post!

    • Thanks Ngina:) I think the ability to influence others online is only going to increase with time and new technology. Thank you for reading and adding value to the conversation.

    • It’s a constant struggle, to balance work/dream chasing and home life. I’ve had to cut back significantly from my writing and other activity’s so I can focus more on my wife and child.

      I’m glad the post helped you:) Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.