Do You Have Sight or Vision?

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Relying totally on what you see with your physical eyes can blind you from seeing your future possibilities.”   Bernard Haynes

Have you been operating your life by sight or vision? Vision is the source and hope of life. One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind is the gift of vision.

What could possibly be more satisfying than to know that the God of the universe wants you to operate your life by His vision and not by your physical sight. No inventions, products, great accomplishments, or even God’s creation of the universe was accomplished without the inspiring power of vision. Vision is the engine that drives progress.

Sight without vision is dangerous because it blinds your hope for a better future. Operating by sight can cause you to see the problems and challenges around you instead of the solutions that reside within you. You see the stack of bills, the near negative bank account, the down turn in the economy, struggles at home and the decline in the job market. Do not allow what your eyes see as impossible cancel out what your vision knows is possible.

Think about a pinecone. One pinecone has hidden within it the incredible potential to produce a forest that can provide crucial resources for a nation. One pinecone has the incredible power to bless millions even after it has left the scene. Can I let you in on a secret; the same thing is true of you? God has placed within you the potential of turning your seed (purpose) into a passionate, powerful and productive vision that will change your life and positively affect the lives of everyone that is connected to you.

If you are struggling with moving from sight to vision, here are five key truths that will help you through your process.

  1. Sight is a function of the eyes, while vision is a function of faith.
  2. Sight is the ability to see things as they are, while vision is the ability to see things as they could or should be.
  3. Sight is confined to your current environment, while vision sees beyond your now to your future possibilities.
  4. Sight is based upon what your eyes determine to be true; while vision focuses on what God’s Word says is true.
  5. Sight is fueled by an idea that will bring temporary satisfaction, while vision is fueled by an idea that is so powerful that it can live beyond the grave.

Question: What can you do to move from sight to vision?

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38 thoughts on “Do You Have Sight or Vision?

  1. Interesting article. Very different from most others especially due to the heavy religious emphasis. I used to be incredibly religious, still am in some ways, but I’m more empirical nowadays. It’s difficult to ignore our minds in favor for faith.

    • Vincent, I agree with your last statement that “it’s hard to ignore our minds in favor of faith” I am a spiritual person but I struggle sometimes cos my mind is strong.

      But my personal experience has been than anyone can come to a place of stronger faith (one that “ignores” mind in favor of faith). I can liken it to building muscle through exercise – whatever muscle you exercise, gets stronger over time. If one chooses vision (a faith aspect) over and over, the mind (what you see) gets ‘weaker” (it’s gets easier to “ignore” and take the road of faith)

  2. Great post. I believe I’ve slowly developed vision over the years. I was watching the movie “Rudy” with my daughter last night. There’s a scene where one of Rudy’s high school teachers says that “dreamers will never amount to anything because they’re not doers.” However, dreamers often have vision and they become doers in God’s time.

    • A great example of a dreamer who had a vision that manifested in God’s time was Joseph. Joseph was known as the dreamer. Dan, thanks for valuable insight.

  3. A great way to challenge sight and vision is to slow down and take time to think. Driving a car requires sight to drive you along your route. Deciding how to get to your destination requires vision – thinking and planning how to get to where you want to go.

  4. Great post. I like the analogy of the pinecone; great wisdom. The vision powered by the gift from God of imagination is the power to be more intentional beyond that of the instinct of the pinecone. If the pinecone can do it instinctively without choice, how much more powerful can we be with the God of the cosmos on our side?

    Much to think about from this post. Excellent work. Thanks.

  5. This is a great post Bernard. I find that living by vision is an inner work of the Holy least for those who are more “sight” inclined, it is. So to move from sight to vision, I believe we need to ask God to change us and help us see things the way He does. I believe that way, longevity in the vision journey is assured, cos we are not walking it out on our own but have been internally (and continually) transformed.

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing it. I needed this reminder today :)

    • I agree with you Bernard wrote a great post. For people of faith asking God to give us a vision(God driven vision) is so important. When we do and then aline our life with the vision He has given us then great things start to happen. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

    • Ngina, you are on point. A vision that has a lasting impact comes from God and affects and infects every area of your life.

  6. #4 is my favorite! Focus on what God says is true and not on what we see or are told by the world.

    In Christ we are loved, we are worthy and we can overcome!

    For me, I have to cling to God and take life one day at a time, trusting that He holds tomorrow and He will complete what He began in me. I don’t have to see the future to know God has a great vision for me! I simply have to trust Him and follow Him. He knows the way!

    • When we focus on what He says is true for our lives then we can live our vision effectively. We blow it when we attempt to live our vision apart from Him. TC, your insights are powerful.

      • Thanks, Bernard…if only I could take my own advice. Seems I blow it from time to time, but uses even my mistakes to grow my faith and teach me how to walk after Him and fulfill the vision He designed for me.

  7. Hello Dan great write up, There is no better gift then vision other then life it self.
    I think sometimes we also see things using our blogs as well when we create our content.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us..

    • We all have to grow in faith to live our vision out daily. The reason we are connected is to pray and encourage one another to move in faith towards the vision God destined for each of our lives.

  8. Great post, Bernard. I was just reading a day or two ago in a book about the biblical difference between seeing with the eyes and seeing with the heart. So often scripture talks about “seeing but not seeing.” Sometimes the world around us can blind us to the truth that is spiritually hidden.

    • The struggle with some individuals is that they have tried to define vision according to the world’s standard instead of seeking the creator for vision. This leads to frustration and burn out.

  9. I would like to thank Dan Black for allowing me to guest post on his blog. It was a pleasure interacting with all the great comments.

  10. Bernard,

    Great post! I really like your first point that “Sight is a function of the eyes, while vision is a function of faith.” Faith is far more than just a belief, it is a strong inner knowledge that causes someone to move forward and make things happen. Faith is the strong driving force behind all action that happens. Without faith, there is no vision. Without faith, there is no progress. Faith is the root behind it all.

  11. Vision is where the power is! When someone shares a compelling vision, it sweeps you in and takes you to new places. You are simply unable to stand idly by because you want to be a part of it. Great thoughts, Bernard!

  12. Hi Bernard,

    Very interesting post :) Love how you differentiate sight and vision here as we might tend to focus on what we see instead of what we need to see in future.

    How true? Faith is an important ingredient in the recipe of success. Faith leads the way and that’s where we start to build vision, isn’t it? :)


    • Bernard did write a great post. I know I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad you did as well:)

      I totally agree with you, the start of any good vision is rooted with faith. Thank you for taking the time to read and share:)

  13. I was researching to make a presentation to a group of youth about sight and vision, I didn’t know how to start penning down my entire content. Then I land on this page and I have a wide gate to start. God Bless Yo.