The 3P’s Of Preparing To Communicate, Part 2

In Become a Better Communicator post I mentioned we can become better public speakers if we spend time preparing, practicing, and perfecting our speeches. In this post I want to further discuss those areas. We need to know that these areas deal with what we do before the speech. It’s wise to remember,

It’s what you do before you give a speech that will determine it’s effectiveness.

I have given and heard many speeches. One thing I know is that the one’s that stuck were because the person applied theses 3 areas,

Preparing- I believe preparing a speech is one of the most important parts of the entire process. Taking time to study and put together your speech is key. One of my mentors and an excellent communicator told me once that, “ for every minute of the presentation took him one hour of preparation.” So for a 30 minute speech he spent 30 hours in preparing for it. He would update and recycle his speeches but he took the time to prepare.

Practicing- Even before giving my first speech, I had such a desire to speak to audiences that I would put together a talk and then deliver it to myself. I knew practicing would prepare me for when I would give speeches to audiences. I believe that before anyone gives a speech to an audience they should practice between 8-10 times. Here are some benefits to practicing your speech,

You will be able to practice voice, volume, and tone. Also your non-verbal body language.

You will be able to practice the beginning, ending, and key points. (Which are very important to do)

You will show the audience that you have prepared.

You will have an idea of how long the speech will be.

You become confident in the material you have prepared.

You have the ability to memorize and not use your notes.

Perfecting- This is the last step before you deliver your speech. This is done after you have prepared and practiced (Or while you practice). It’s about putting the final touches on, doing last minute changes, and making sure the format is easy to read. Make sure you don’t over perfect but make sure everything is in order then relax.

The next time you are asked to give a speech or presentation, remember to spend time preparing, practicing, and perfecting your speech. If you do you will deliver an effective speech that sticks.

Whats your preparation process when you are preparing a speech?

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  • Bill (cycleguy)

    After preaching for almost 40 years, I still do this Dan. i study/prepare. on Sunday morning I go to the church building & prepare an outline for my wife (Power Point). I use bigger post-it in my Bible (I use no pulpit or outline). then I practice. i call it "preaching to the mice." When I am done, I pray. it has worked for me. As long as God gives me breath & health, I plan to continue doing this.

  • dan black

    I like the how you called it "preaching to the mice' It sounds like you have a great routine done. I think it would benefit any preacher or speaker. Thank you for sharing.