Become a Better Communicator, Part 1

Most people would rather jump off of a cliff than to communicate to an audience. In fact it is one of the biggest fears that people have, to stand in front of a crowd (no matter the size) and give a presentation or speech. But communicating to an individual and group is part of being a leader.

Everyone can become a better communicator, no matter their current skills or ability’s. Someone who overcame tremendous circumstances to become an effective communicator was Winston Churchill. He,

“Became one of the twentieth century’s greatest orators by practicing his many speeches intensively and with great precision over a period of many years.”
Geoff Colvin

The key to becoming a better communicator is by spending time preparing, practicing, and perfecting your speeches. Doing these 3 things will allow us to become better communicator.

People who value leading take time to become better communicators, by growing in the area of communication and the aspects that go with communicating to an audience. It might be a challenge to move past the fear of public speaking. But it’s what’s required to becoming better communicators.

How do you get past the fear of public speaking? What are some ways you grow your communication skills?

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2 thoughts on “Become a Better Communicator, Part 1

  1. Hey Dan,

    Great post! It is so true that to be a leader one must learn to communicate. I have a great testimony of how God delivered me from my fear of public speaking.

    So I recently got nominated by a blogger for an award called the sunshine award and then I am supposed to nominate more bloggers so I nominated you. Thanks for your constant reminders and teaching on what it means to be a leader!

    You can see the award and description at my blog

  2. Matthew,
    It's a great thing to be able to speak in front of people. So happy you have been broken of your fears as a public speaker. Thank you for your nomination, I really feel honored. I will check out the site.