Influence Is Key

Effective leader’s have the ability to move people toward a common vision. The key ingredient in doing this is influence. Leader’s who have influence see goals being accomplished, organizational and team growth, and motivated people. The fact is that if a leader has influence then what they are leading will always be moving toward the next level. Leader’s should always,

“Grow and Maintain Your Influence…Then Expand

Lead with influence not power

Leading successfully requires influence and without it you won’t go far. Here are some ways to grow your influence,

Stay true to your commitments.
Always maintain your values and integrity.
Always be willing to lend a helping hand.
See the best in people.
Recognize and reward your people.
Provide growth opportunities for your people.
Have a positive attitude and lift your people up.
Be passionate about where you and the team is going.
Set an example of what a great leader looks like.

These are some simple ways you can grow your influence with the people around you. Make it your goal to lead with influence.

What are your thoughts about influence and how you can grow it?

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4 thoughts on “Influence Is Key

  1. look, i found somewhere:

    Losing is unacceptable
    Passion is unquenchable
    Quitting is unthinkable
    Commitment is unquestionable
    Victory is inevitable

    these can help achieve victory, I believe.

    Oleg Kutcherson