Strength Based Leader And Team

When it comes to personal strengths, being more narrow than broad is key. It has been said that, being a jack of all trades makes you a master of none. If we expect to be great leaders then we need to focus in on our strengths and the strengths of our team.

A challenge that we face in doing this is that we want others to believe we are a jack of all trades. That we have all the ability and are able to accomplish anything. But this mindset only holds us and our team back. We need to combat this mindset with reality and humility. By admitting our weak areas we then have the ability to fill those areas with people who compliment us. This means a leader needs to find the people with the right strengths then place them in the right place. This will produce a strong leader and team.

Are you willing to focus on your strength and the strengths of your team?

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  • Bill (cycleguy)

    I can remember years ago being told to focus on my weaknesses to make them stronger. That failed. I realize I need to focus on my strengths and find those who "fill me out" and bring them on the team. Thanks for a good word today Dan.

  • dan black

    It is a theory that seems like to would work but it does not. We become strong by focusing on our strengths. Thank you for sharing.