How to use Quotes

I recently released Characteristics and Qualities of a Great Leader, a quote book filled with truth and wisdom (Click here to receive it for free). The book is full of quotes on 19 different topics. It’s effective and beneficial to read, memorize, and use quotes. Rudyard Kipling says it well when it comes to what we should do with quotes: “He wrapped himself in quotations—as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.”  


  • Support, clarify, and reinforce your words or writing.
  • Can bring inspiration and motivation to you and others.
  • Add even more value and impact to your words or writing.
  • Can spark creativity and bring about change.
  • Reveals the importance and need of what you’re saying or writing.
  • Can bring nourishment to your soul and life.

The quotes you know and use have power to bring about positive results because; A quotation in a speech, article or book is like a rifle in the hands of an infantryman. It speaks with authority.” ~Brendan Francis

I have found several practical ways a person or leader can use quotes. They include:

During conversations- When in conversation it can be beneficial to use quotes that are relevant to the topic being discussed. This can add value to the conversation.

During an interview- You can use quotes (with discretion) while being interviewed. This can show your creativity and allow you to stand out from the other people being interviewed.

When preparing and presenting a speech or presentation- It’s powerful to use quotes in a speech or presentation. James Murray wisely said, “Quotations will tell the full measure of meaning, if you have enough of them.” Using quotes can bring power and support to your words.

When coaching or consulting- Using quotes when giving advice or insights to someone can be valuable. This can support the advice you are giving.

When writing- A person can and should use quotes when writing a book, blog post, email, or letter. This can reinforce your writing and what you’re trying to communicate to others.

When influencing others- A quote can be used to inspire and lead others toward goals and a united vision. They have the potential to inspire and motivate by stirring followers soul and heart.

Questions: How can you better use quotes in your life and leadership? Can you think of any other practical way we can use quotes?

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26 thoughts on “How to use Quotes

  1. I’ve found that often quotes that stick out are powerful, short ways of phrasing larger concepts. That’s where I think the power comes in a conversation or in writing – it’s a short and sweet way of getting that gut-punch from a powerful concept.

  2. Thanks for this Dan. I like quotes and try to use them in my blog articles and other places. I think my challenge is to memorize them. That would be helpful when it comes to conversation and other off the cuff situations.

  3. I love using quotes. When someone uses a quote it is an established and proven wisdom that is beyond question and accepted as a common truth. They are like the frosting on the cake. I always appreciate a good quote…

  4. I’ve been using HOPE quotes for the past couple of months on my blog during the weekends. The quotes are posted in inspire and encourage HOPE to my readers and me. Everybody needs a little HOPE!

  5. Great post Dan! I would say that quotes used in a real-life conversation or interview are especially powerful! It shows that you take the time to educate yourself. Not many people are astute enough to pull out well-versed powerful lines on a whim. A quote can be the ice-breaker to a hum drum conversation and open up further dialogue that goes much deeper than what your target audience is expecting. Thanks for enlightening me Dan!

  6. Congrats on the new eBook, Dan! I’m subscribing ASAP. Also, this post has me wanting to use more quotes in my writing. Let’s talk soon and keep up the good work!

    • I have read most of John’s books and have gained a lot of great and insightful quotes from them. He does a good job with adding quotes.

      Quotes are a great way to encourage our self’s. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  7. WOW, I just re-shared this post on Twitter then scrolled down to look over the comments and saw I never replied to your comment. I’m so sorry. HA, great quote and thank you for sharing it.