Thoughts Drives A Leader’s Actions and Behaviors

What leader’s think on throughout the day will direct and guide their actions and behaviors. Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” The powerful fact is that our thinking turns into our actions and behaviors. This is why it’s important for leader’s to have the right thinking. What we think about will come out. For example,

If you focus on positive thinking then positive actions will result from it.


if you focus on negative thinking then negative actions will result from it.

We need to make sure we have and maintain good and positive thinking. Which is determined by what we spend our time thinking on and about throughout the day. It is so true that, whatever you want your actions and behaviors to be then direct your thoughts that way. This is something we all have the ability to do. Even if that means we need to shift our thinking and thoughts. Here are some ways to help you have the thinking you desire:

Daily spend time thinking on the good and positive.

Be around good and positive thinkers.

Have resources that will grow your good and positive thinking.

When an undesired or negative thought comes to mind, shift your thoughts away from it.

Do not dwell on thoughts that will lead you in a direction you don’t want to go in.

Choose to break bad thinking habits by making good thinking your focus and priority.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts Drives A Leader’s Actions and Behaviors

  1. I spent a good part of yesterday driving to have lunch with a friend. 2:15 one way. the whole time my CD was playing music. I am very much a one focused person. I have trouble doing any multi-tasking (which is a challenge as a leader in and of itself). So to think and drive is tough. (Plus I was a little tired). On rare occasions I can drive and think. However, that being said, I do tend to focus on positive things rather than dwell on the negative. Good thoughts today Dan. (have you learned how to split a mind so a person can do two things at one time? If you have, please give me the formula) lol

  2. Bill,
    Some times just listing to music is the best thing to do. I think its a challenge but rewarding if we direct out thoughts toward positive and good thinking. Thanks for sharing.