Letting Go to Grab Onto Your Dream

If leader’s want to reach their potential and dreams then they need to be willing to let go of the things that will hold them back. A hard but true fact is that certain relationships can hold a leader back from reaching their dreams. This is because not everyone will want to join your vision. So it is important to move on from those relationships so you can focus on reaching your dreams. It is important to “Love your friends and respect them, but never abandon your dreams because your friends lack the vision to join you.” Phil Cooke

If we want to reach our dreams we need the right people around us. This is why at times we need to move on from the people that might not share the same passions, desires, and vision as we do. We need to have people who understand our dreams and vision and are willing to take the journey with us.

Are you willing to let go of relationships that might hold you back from accomplishing your dreams?

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go to Grab Onto Your Dream

  1. Absolutely love the Cooke quote Dan. Wrote it down in my Moleskine to keep it in front of me. here's one for you: what if the one holding you back is your #1 relationship on earth?

  2. Hello Bill
    Glad you enjoy the quote and post. Your thought is worth thinking about and it would depend on the situation. I will have no file it away and try and answer it at a later time. Thanks for commenting.