5 Types of People We Will Encounter

Leader’s come across many types of people. Some people will add value to your life while others will subtract from it. I believe it is important for leader’s to have an understanding of the different types of people they will encounter. John Maxwell has identified 5 types of people to be aware of:

“Refreshers- they inspire your dream and energize your talents.”

“Refiners- they sharpen your ideas and clarify your vision.”

“Reflectors- they mirror your energy, neither adding nor subtraction from it.”

“Reducers- they try to reduce your vision and efforts to their comfort zone.”

“Rejecters- they deny your talents, hinder your efforts, and impede your vision.”

It is important to have people who enhance the leader, team members, and organization. This is why it is important for leader’s to choose people with good characteristics. When finding people to join your team make sure they are the type of person you desire.

What are some other types of people you can add to the list?

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  • Bill (cycleguy)

    In keeping with the "R" alliteration I started thinking of Drainers. I went to siphon then to suck. I found the word "Resorb" as a synonym of suck. I know…that is stretching it. :) And maybe you would include that person in one of the last two??? That is my contribution (for what it's worth).

  • dan black

    Great contribution. Its an interesting word. I do believe their are people who suck you dry then move on to the next leader/pastor. Thank you for sharing.