How To Keep Readers Coming Back To Your Blog

We all want people to come back and read our blogs. I believe that if your posts relate to your reader, has good content, and is consistent, reader’s will keep coming back to your blog. Below I wanted to go into even more detail about these 3 points:

1. It relates to the reader- Reader’s are looking for what is relevant to their lives. This means that they are reading things that they have a passion and desire for. I read blogs that focus on leadership and blogging because that is my passion.

What we can do: Focus on your niche area while staying true to what relates to your readers.

2. Content- People want to read blogs with good content, are thought out, and well written. This does not mean you have a home run blog post every time, but it does mean you should strive to have well written and thought out blogs. It should be every blogger’s goal to write posts that expand and help the reader grow.

What we can do: Take the time to become a better writer and thinker. Also make sure you are growing yourself so that you will always have a fresh stream of content.

3. Consistent- People want to know that you will be posting on a consistent basis. People stop coming back to your blog if they know you are not consistent with your posts. This is why blogger’s need to discipline themselves with being consistent. There is a great video that Jon Acuff has done talking about this topic, check it out The number 1 reason blogs die

What we can do: Make it a priority to write and post on a consistent basis. Also you might want to find an accountability partner.

I believe that these 3 things are some of the top reasons why people will keep coming back to your blog. Make sure you include the above 3 points in your writing and blogging and you will be sure to see the results.

What are some other reasons why people come back to someone’s blog? What are your thoughts, feel free to comment?

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14 thoughts on “How To Keep Readers Coming Back To Your Blog

  1. If I may add one: responding to your responders. I tire of those who write but don't give a chance for response or don't comment when you do. Just my take. Good thoughts on this Dan.

  2. Bill
    Great addition. I agree with you. Its so important for bloggers to respond to their readers. Its a huge key to having people come back to a blog. Thank you for reading.


  3. Two quick thoughts:

    I love Seth Godin's blog because his content is very concise. Many of his posts are less than 150 words (or at least this used to be true). I always have time to read a quality post that can be consumed in 2 minutes.

    Second, to go along with consistent and content is quality! Some time I read a post and think, "hmmm… I think he was just trying to get his quota for the week." Admittedly, I have been guilty of this. Quality content is king!

    Great post!

  4. Noah
    Great thoughts. I enjoy reading Seth's blog and he does a great job at getting to the point in very few words.

    Quality is key. Personally this is something I try and focus on. Their have been times when I posted a blog when I should not have. I need to remind myself that quality triumphs frequency.

    I have many posts and thought that I might spend months working on before I posting it. Others Are quick thoughts that I have been thinking about or am thinking about and wanted to get it out their.

    Thank you for commenting.

  5. Dan

    Bottom line is if you can create quality posts readers will come back for more visits.

    Too many bloggers don't take time to improve their writing. They assume that just writing will lead to massive improvements – but that's just not the case.

    And while I really laud the whole self publishing movement, and the way it bypasses the corporate gatekeepers, it has led to a lot of bad content.

    Quality is the cornerstone of everything.

    And also I second Bill's thoughts about answering comments on your blog. Absolutely vital to engage with your readers and start creating a community.


  6. Paul
    So true. Quality will lead to people coming back to your blog. I also feel like on a personal level if you have good quality posts you will also feel better about yourself.

    I really liked what you said about creating a community. This is something every blogger need to focus on. It reminds me of the book Tribes.

    Thank you for reading and posting.


  7. You said here something that really struck a cord with me, “take time to become a better writer and thinker”, I guess that´s why I post crazy-not to substantive posts on my blog, though it funny, and the writing of short stories or novellas are stored in the closet. I still need to become much better as to what relates to the world of writing…learning the tools, types of genres and how to write for each one or at least figure out which one I´m better at, I think that´s also quite crucial. So I´m glad for that advice, since I wake up early early and just go through 4 blogs of published authors and read techniques on writing then get on and keep up with all the blogs that I follow me and others that don´t and then write my blog, plus writing my own short stories. I have the feeling that since after my 10 year hiatus of not writing, now I wake up every morning with all these things in mind almost choked as to how I fucked up the my passion for so long and now wanting to resume it and doing it but realizing that I still have to master the basics, It feels that I don´t have enough hours during the day. I´m actually becoming quite a recluse, I´m going to end up with just one friend called Mackintosh. So this lifts up the moral, “take your time”. Thanks

    • Hello Charly,

      I have found mastering and staying focused on the basic is so essential. It’s amazing how we can grow our site/blog with some effort over time. What is you site/blog URL? Looking forward to reading some of your writing.

      • The blog is, I should warn you in case you read it, well it´s called crazy life, I think it sums it up. Though I don´t actually put my short stories or novellas in there(except for some flash fiction challenge I submit to Chuck Wending) I keep them stacked in some part of my computer, just waiting to get better and then take the leap. I just write crazy stuff, half truth´s. To my surprise people actually find it amusing, go figure. Thanks for the follow up.

          • Hope I can get a laugh or two from you at least in one of the post´s I have.(there not that many, 22 in an un-paid blog) It´s an ironic-black humour I have, so if you hate it tell me! My self esteem is pretty high… as of right now.