Leader’s Growing Spiritual Capital

Leader’s should be aware of spiritual capital within their teams and organizations. This is not about one specific religion but it is about fostering a work place that adapts to the spiritual side of business. We use to live in a world that separated business and religion but both are intermixing even more. Here are some great thoughts about the growth and importance of spiritual capital in the workplace,

“The rising of spirituality in the workplace is a trend that is about to be a megatrend.” ~Megatrends 2010

“Executives were eager to discover models for practicing spirituality in the workplace.” ~ A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America

“Next to military officers and church professionals, more businesspeople attended church every week than any other elite.” ~American Elites

These statements show the need and importance of leader’s fostering spiritual capital in what they lead. Leader’s should provide their people with opportunities to grow and maintain their beliefs while in the workplace.

I wanted share these statements and thoughts with leader’s who have a variety of beliefs. I did not want my own Christian beliefs to be the main point of this post. But I wanted to help leader’s know the importance of growing spiritual capital. No matter what you believe know that it’s important to grow spiritual capital.

What are your thoughts about growing spiritual capital with your people?

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  • Bill (cycleguy)

    As a pastor, I try to help instill encouragement and ideas into people as to how they can make a difference in their work culture. I don't work in the workplace so I can't presume to tell them how to do it though.

    Side: I think it is good to grow spiritual capital. What I have a problem is when the business side makes it way into the church and the church is run like a business. Am I wrong?

  • dan black

    Hello Bill
    I believe pastors should encourage their people to grow spiritual capital in their workplaces. This post came from reading a book called Doing Business Virtues where it talks a lot about building spiritual capital. you might want to get the book( I also wrote a book review about it).

    I think its wise to use business principles and apply them to your church. I don't think that the church should primarily run like a business. BUT its important to learn from business's on how to run your church better. This is a huge debate in the church world in which I could write a book about.