Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

This book is great for leader’s and business people who want a better understanding of the spiritual side of business. The author draws from the ideas of “social capital” and discusses the concept of “spiritual capital.” He also talks about the “hard” and “soft” virtues of a leader and business person. Where he talks about the importance of “hard” virtues such as leadership, courage, discipline and “soft” virtues such as justice, forgiveness, and humility. He then talks about “spiritual capital in a skeptical age” where he discusses the 3 objectives from the cynic, Christian, and pragmatist.

I really enjoyed this book and like the fact that the author did not just talk about his own Christian believes. He wrote this book so that any type of religious person could read and benefit from it. He challenges every leader and business person to grow spiritual capital in their workplaces. The author shares great story’s and examples of the importance of social and spiritual capital as well as the characteristics of a leader and business person. If you are looking for a good business book then I would recommend Doing Virtuous Business.

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