Reignite Your Writing And Ideas

At times we all need to reignite our writing and ideas. If you have been writing and blogging for any amount of time you know the importance of having consistent content and new thoughts that would lead to future posts. But at times we all face writer’s block due to having no topics, content or fresh ideas to write about. Which could cause frustration because our writing and goals are not lining up.

Whenever I feel like I have nothing to write about it’s usually due to not developing myself in the past few days. I have found that when ideas and content come it is because I am growing myself. The same is true when I have not grown in a while, I have few fresh ideas on what I can blog about. When this happens I know I need to reignite myself by reading, listening to audio, spending time thinking, or getting around leaders.

I wanted to write this post primarily as a reminder for myself to keep growing and learning. But I thought I would share it because I believe it would help and add value to you. So whenever we need to reignite our writing let’s spend some time growing.

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4 thoughts on “Reignite Your Writing And Ideas

  1. Really good point Dan. Writing really reflects life and vice versa doesn't it? I have been doing 'morning pages' (from The Artists Way) recently and that has definately helped my writing flow.

  2. Jen

    It really does reflect life. I believe that a daily intake of good material is one of the best things a blogger can do. Thank you for sharing.