Find A Place To Think

It is important for leader’s to have a place to think. A place that allows them to clear their mind and think better. It might be a chair, a park, the beach, in nature, or even in the shower. I find one of my places to think is at the beach. It is a place where you find yourself able to think in a higher capacity. Wherever that place is for you make sure you visit that place often. If you get in the habit of going to the places that help you think better, those places will call to you if you have not spent time thinking there. Here are a few questions to ask yourself,

Do I have a place to think?

How often do I go to my thinking place?

Do I need to take time to go to that place and think?

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4 thoughts on “Find A Place To Think

  1. So agreed. I can't think very well around other people or when it is noisy. I have a place in my room, I spend a lot of my home time there, riding a bike is alone time too.

  2. Becky,
    A place in your room and alone on your bike are great places to think. I have an easy time thinking while at my desk(If its cleaned up) or at the beach. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hey Dan

    For me my 'place to think' is defined by music. It can be anywhere as long as I have my iPod – I have a store of creative pieces of music that help put me in my 'thinking zone.'


  4. Hello Paul

    Music is defiantly a way to help you get into your thinking zone. I find it easier to think while listening to music as well. Thank you for sharing.