Grow and Maintain Your Influence…Then Expand

When it comes to leading influence is everything. Leader’s can accomplish great things if they have influence but without it they won’t be leading for long. It is important for leaders to grow and maintain their influence within their team. After having a strong foundation of influence they should look for ways to grow and expand their influence in areas outside of their set responsibilities. So,

First, make sure you grow and maintain your influence with the people who follow you.

Second, Look for ways to expand your influence.

Leaders should be growing and maintaining influence with their team while looking to expand their influence in other areas of the organization or in the community. You can’t expect to grow your influence in other areas if you don’t have influence with the people who already follow you. If you focus on building influence in other areas when your influence with your team is weak, it could cause you to lose your leadership position. This is why leader’s need to focus on their team first then start to expand their influence in other areas.

Question: Is your influence able to expand?

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  • Becky

    Good stuff here Dan!

  • dan black

    Thank you Becky.

  • Paul Wolfe

    Hey Dan

    Interesting post. Back in the day when I managed and played in a band, my main leadership principle was this: don't ever ask someone to do what I was not prepared to do.

    And I believed in leading by example – first there, last to leave, that kind of thing. It really helped with maintaining harmony amongst notoriously volatile egos (musicians).


  • dan black

    Hello Paul

    Thank you for sharing your experience as a band member and how you grew your influence. Leading by example is a must. your example shows that you can gain influence with any type of group.


  • Scott Couchenour

    Good insight, Dan. For the ministry leaders I serve, it starts at home and works out from there.

  • dan black

    Thank you for stopping by. Influence really starts from the inside then goes outward. When you lead by example and influence from within first then other people will see that and want to follow you.