The Importance of Lifelong Growth

To be a purpose driven leader and reach your potential requires being a lifelong learner. I have found the best leaders place a high value on personal growth. They know if they focus on growth then they will always be moving to the next level of success. John Maxwell wisely said, “Growth today is an investment for tomorrow.”(Click here to Tweet that) This happens when you make growth a lifelong habit.

When it comes to personal growth and learning I have found these types of people:

  • People who grow only until they achieve a level of success, then they plateau.
  • People who are more goal driven than growth driven, once they reach a goal they stop moving forward.
  • People who don’t grow and wonder why they are not seeing success or moving toward a better future.
  • People who know the importance of growth but are not willing to put in the time or effort to grow.
  • And those know the importance and value of growth, so they chose to always be growing and learning.

If you want to have life time growth it requires:

Being Intentional- If you want to always be growing and learning it takes purposefully engaging in personal growth. This can be challenging because a leader’s responsibility can be time consuming. It requires making growth a priority and intentionally participating in personal growth.

Being disciplined- Personal growth demands discipline. The discipline to grow separates the good leaders from the great ones. If you want to be moving toward your leadership potential it takes discipline. Discipline in growth and all areas of your life. Remember, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” ~Jim Rohn

Being consistent- To be a lifelong learner requires consistency in your growth. One way a leader can be consistent is to write out a personal growth plan. The plan should include the ways you intend to grow and have goals attached to them. Having and following your plan can allow you to be consistent in your growth.

Question: What are you doing to be a leader who grows for a life time? How much value should a leader place on personal growth?

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36 thoughts on “The Importance of Lifelong Growth

  1. I think you hit all the major categories of where people fall.
    I believe we should all strive for continual growth- even though it’s hard.
    As long as we have breath, God isn’t finished with us and He wants to use us. That means growth…or at least it should.
    Jesus never stopped stretching His ministry, reaching out or growing in His walk with others and God. He should be our example.

  2. I’ve always believed that an organization, be it a business or a church, rises and falls on leadership. If we as leaders aren’t growing and bettering ourselves, our organizations won’t either.

  3. As always you’re spot on with this, Dan. But this: ”
    People who know the importance of growth but are not willing to put in the time or effort to grow.” This is probably one of the most common and detrimental truths about people and their lack of growth. You have to BE WILLING. Well said. :)

  4. Continued growth is vastly important, especially in leadership. I’ve heard it said Once you stop growing, you’re dead in the water. Not a pretty sight.

    So what am I doing to continue my growth?

    Reading great material. That could be books, magazines, blogs, etc.

    Taking in conferences and the like. Hearing from the top minds of our day fills up my brain with good content. Invaluable!

    Partnering with like-minded people. Finding those that are like me and push me towards my goal helps me to continue my growth.

  5. I’m at the point in my life where my personal growth is all about seeking the will of God. The wisdom gained there will take care of all else. It is discipline, but the return on investment is immeasurable in this world I think.

    Always thought provoking posts Dan… my head hurts…

    • Mike,

      I’m looking forward to see your results from being a “goal fanatic.” It’s going to be good! Thank you for sharing and adding to all of the discussion. I appreciate it.

  6. Growth-driven, not goals-driven, what a gem!
    I know that I cannot grow beyond my personal capacities e.g i cannot rise above my thought level or accomplish beyond what i believe i can accomplish.
    Awesome post!

  7. Personal growth is huge. Without it, we will stagnate. This requires energy and time spend in ALL areas of your life, not just a few. I keep thinking of Zig Ziglar’s “Wheel of Life” when reading on the subject of personal growth. So many people focus on one aspect, but let the others slide.

    You can’t be a well-oiled machine if you’re dragging in one aspect of your life while focusing exclusively on another. For example, if you focus all of your energy at work, and leave little time for family, you can’t succeed as a leader. Also, if you’re not balancing with exercise and diet, you won’t have the energy to be effective in ANY area.

    • Scott,

      Great point about maintaining balance and growing in all areas of our life. I personally make it a point to grow personally and spiritually. Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

  8. Dan, when I saw this title I said Amen bro. It all speaks for itself because when you look at growth over an eternity and your life, you need these principles like being disciplined and consistent. Then you spoke about goal driven than growth driven this is absolutely amazing. I think that once you are growth driven and you continue to grow you will never plateau. Thanks for sharing this Dan.

    • Lincoln Parks,

      It’s all about being growth driven and moving forward. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Being a lifelong learner is so important for leaders. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  9. I think the discipline and consistency is so key! Everyone talks about growth. Everyone wants growth. But the ones who really grow are the people who prioritize it highly enough to work at it.

    • Loren,

      I agree. I think everyone wants the benefits or rewards of growth but are often not willing to pay the price to grow so they can be moving forward and be successful. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  10. This post is really accurate. At the end of the day, personal growth is a choice, no one forces it down our throats. I believe if I don’t take time to grow as a person, life will seem like an unending maze with no

    To add on discipline, let me share this definition, “Discipline is doing what you don’t want to do… in pursuit of what you want.” Simple decisions like switching off the television to read a good book sound trivial; but that takes discipline. The more we live on purpose, the more we value lifelong learning. It seems to me that purpose is the missing link.

    • JepB,

      What a great definition. I’m going to save it:) Great point about purpose. I was just talking with a co-worker about this the other day. I believe most people who waist hours watching TV or on the computer have not found their purpose, it’s important to first find our purpose and then help others find their purpose. Thank you for adding to the conversation.