Learning While Watching

One of the things I enjoy doing is people watching and in fact if time allowed I would spend hours at the mall watching people. In my schooling and observation of others I have learned a great deal about human behavior. Human behavior is important to know if you are a leader, because so much of leadership is about other people. It is important for leader’s to be students of human behavior. A great way to better learn about human behavior is to keep your ears and eyes open to the behaviors of others while you are going about your day. Or by taking time to people watch. This is a small way you will become a better leader to your people. When was the last time you watched the behaviors of other people?

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  • Bill (cycleguy)

    I try to watch people all the time. It is a favorite pastime of mine if I go anywhere there are people. Amusement parks, malls, games…interesting. I have even moved during a game because of people (rather than tell them they are being a jerk). :)

  • dan black

    Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope it adds value to you. I think watching people wherever you go is key to learning about human behavior.