Growth Provides Potential

I believe that a leader’s personal growth provides them potential. If a leader is always growing and learning they will be able to face new challenges and obstacles. They will be ready for opportunity when it comes because they disciplined themselves to grow. But if you stop growing as a leader you will have a hard time moving to the next level. It’s important for leader’s to grow so that they will reach their potential. I have said before that,

Growth= Potential

Leader’s who choose to grow will sharpen themselves and their talents. They know the importance of developing their skills and talents so they will be ready for the future. Which is why the leader’s who grow will always be moving toward the next level. Leader’s who are growth driven do what it takes to reach their potential. We all must know and remember that growth provides potential.

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  • Keith Davis

    Spot on Dan

    I started Public Speaking when I was far from a spring chicken and have competed at two UK national speech contests.

    Never stop growing.

  • dan black

    That's great to know. We all start some place but the key is to continue to grow after we know it all. Thanks for posting.