Focus On These Disciplines

A couple days ago I wrote about Leader’s Needing To Be Disciplined, where I shared the importance of why leader’s need to be disciplined. I also shared the areas I focus on and discipline myself in. They are:

Family and friends
Spiritual growth
Personal growth
Writing and blogging

Today, I would like to share with you 12 things that you would benefit from if you spent time focusing on and disciplining yourself in:

Discipline yourself to think.
Discipline yourself to grow and learn.
Discipline yourself to grow spiritually.
Discipline yourself to maintain and grow friendships.
Discipline yourself to spend time with family.
Discipline yourself to have a balance in life.
Discipline yourself to be consistent in writing and posting. (If you are a writer and/or writer)
Discipline yourself to add value to others.
Discipline yourself to have a positive attitude.
Discipline yourself to develop others.
Discipline yourself to stay in your strength’s.
Discipline yourself to be ethical.

Choose to discipline yourself in areas that will benefit you the most. The best way to stay disciplined is to focus your time and energy on the disciplines daily. Are you willing to discipline yourself? What areas do you need to focus on? What does discipline mean to you?

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  • Becky

    The first thing I saw was "focus!" I think I need to work on disciplining myself to develop others and to be ethical.

  • dan black

    I know if you focus on developing others and being more ethical you will grow your influence and impact the kingdom in a greater way. Thank you for sharing.