Daily Deposits

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I recently returned from vacation in the Orlando, Florida area. It was a great time with the wife and kids.

On one of the days, we decided to go Cocoa beach for some sun, fun, and a swim.

On our way to Cocoa Beach we passed through 4 tolls.

The first toll was $1.50. Several miles later we had another toll stop, $1.25. Another several miles later another toll for $1.00. And yet again several miles later we had the final toll stop for a $1.00.

All these toll stops were adding value to the state coffers and it was costing me some some much earned cash.

With all these toll deposits I began to wonder what daily deposits we make to those around us?

As leaders in the many areas of our lives we have the responsibility to make deposits in our employees, children, our spouse.

But it’s just not any deposit, but a deposit that truly adds value to the lives that depend on us.

Our children need parents that are investing in their lives every day. We have to give them counsel. Provide for their needs.

Employees need our daily guidance, teaching moments, and words of encouragement.

It’s going to cost us something in order to make deposits that will have long lasting impact on those that depend and look up to us.

I will cost us our time, energy , moments of frustration. But nevertheless it will cost us something.

Here are several deposits you can make daily to those under your care:

1. Time. This one is obvious and you heard it a million times. You can’t build relationships with those around you unless you spend time with them. And while you build relationships you get to know people in a more intimate basis.

2. Encouragement. Give your wife, children, employees, or a friend, a word of encouragement. It can be a “job well done” to your employee. Or to your child, “what a great drawing”. Or, “that dress looks great on you” to your wife. Whatever words of encouragement you have, let them be heard to have full impact.

3. Teach. Life is about learning something new every day. If you have children, I guarantee you, there are things yet to be learned. Train up your child. Take them to the library, or the zoo. I guarantee they will learn something new.

Question: Are you willing to pay the cost and make daily deposits?

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  • Deposits take energy and sometimes we feel stretched so thin we forget the importance of making those valuable deposits. However, we must make it a priority to make deposits in things that matter- people not possessions. A great quote from Bob Goff in the book Love Does “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

    • TC, great quote from Bob Goff. Making those daily deposits, while exhausting, have to be for people, and that’s what really matters. Thanks for sharing.

    • Great quote TC. I need to read that book :) Been hearing alot about it.

      • I’m only half finished with the book but it’s really good so far!

        • I also have been hearing about the book and plan on getting it soon. If your up for it you should write a book review after your finished with it TC Avey:)

          • I’ve thought about it. It’s a great book! Definitely one you should read. I think it’s one I will pass on to others.

  • Such a great message today about deposits because depositing and sowing into someone elses life on a daily basis is what build influence and also great friendships. I love all three points that you mentioned here Juan because they are all important to growth as a Leader and for the benefit of others.

    • Lincoln, “Daily Sowing”, probably even better title. You are right, while as leaders we have to do the hard-work, it is for the benefit of those around us.

      • Juan, its hard work but the results do pay off big time. Thanks allot.

    • I also thought about what happens when we do not add “deposits” or “sow” into others. We begin to lose influence and become ineffective.

  • The three areas you mention give the most return on investment too.

    • Marc, absolutely. If you want to see maximum return, we have to focus on where it matters most. Thanks for sharing.

  • floyd

    I agree, the value of time is worth more than anything else in the world. And how we spend it says everything about us. Good stuff.

    • So true, time is our most valuable asset. Thank you for sharing.

    • Floyd, I just recently read quote, I am paraphrasing: what we most ask for is time, but it is also what we use the worst. Thanks for sharing.

  • I agree that all three “deposit types” are important but encouragement really resonates with me. Maybe it’s just a season God has me in, but encouraging others is currently proving to be such a blessing in my life. When people are encouraged (and encouraged to encourage others) it’s has so many benefits and leads to changing the culture we live in. Encouragement left unsaid, is not very encouraging.

    Good stuff Juan, thanks for putting this out here.

    • Charles,

      It’s amazing how a person is encouraged when they encourage someone else. It’s great your encouraging others and seeing the positive results from it. Keep it up!. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • Charles, “enouragement left unsaid, is not very very encouraging”, sounds like an awesome tweet others should hear. Please tweet it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great post Huan!

    It’s the ‘daily’ part that counts the most, isn’t it. Forming a habit, becoming intentional about the three areas. Great reminder.

    • Great point about “forming a habit” of apply these areas into our life. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • Ngina, great perspective. I was focused on the “deposit”, but daily, continually, and being intentional is what has the most effect long-term.

  • This was great Juan. Made me think of our trip to Maine and the cost of not making those deposits.

    Coming from Michigan, we went through Canada and then New York. On the way back, it was decided we would avoid the huge toll of New York ($25 or so). We made the detour only to get stuck due to a major storm. This caused us to spend more in a hotel, gas, time, etc… Avoiding that deposit cost us more than we realized.Same thing happens when we avoid the daily deposits in our lives.

    • Joe, what an incredible story that parallels this post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great thoughts Juan and very true. When you don’t make these deposits, things fall apart, there are very important.

    • Kimanzi, it truly is glue that holds things together. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great thoughts, Juan. Time and encouragement are huge investments to make in the lives of others. It really is the basis of my ministry. Yes we teach and do outreaches as well, but what impacts these young people the most is the time and encouragement they receive. It really changes the way they see themselves and the God who created them.

    • Jason, God bless you in your ministry, and the awesome work that I am sure you are doing there. It is so incredibly fulfilling to sow into the lives of others, especially young lives that need to be nurtured. Thanks for sharing.

    • I totally agree with you Jason. I have had over 5 years of working with youth and it’s so true. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • You know, you had me at “time” :)
    As my kids grow, I’m realizing the incredible impact I can make. It’s difficult to schedule this in, but it’s so beneficial to my family. I’m a proponent of quality time AND quantity time :)

    • Loren, that is key. Like the saying goes, kids spell love T.I.M.E. But not just time for time sake, but quality times that is meaningful and memorable. Thanks for sharing.

    • I relate with you Loren. I have a son who is 8 months and he has rightfully taken up a lot of my time. I’m loving it.

  • To give time, encourage, and teach others are priceless daily deposits that are essential to building better relationships (as well as adding meaning to our lives). Love it, Dan.

    • Glad you enjoyed the guest post. They are so important to apply into our life and leadership. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • Whoops…should have realized this was a guest post. So let me say to Juan: “Nice job!”

        • No problem. Yes, Juan did a great job writing this post.

          ps. I have done this same thing before:)