Wise Leaders

Successful leaders are wise and also have people on their team who are wise. Anyone can become wise because it is a trait that you can learn and apply to your life. Wise leaders understand the importance of growing, learning, and changing, which are key element to becoming wise. Your age, talents, IQ, or education does not matter when it comes to becoming wise. Truly anyone can choose to become wise. It is a choice leader’s can make by growing in wisdom and being teachable while teaching others the traits of becoming wise. Dr. Henry Cloud shares about some traits of the wise,

“When you give them feedback , they listen, take it in, and adjust their behavior accordingly.”

“They own their performance, problems, issues, and take responsibility for them without excuses or blame.”

“Your relationship is strengthened as a result of giving them feedback.”

“They empathize and express concern about the results of their behavior on others.”

“They show remorse.”

Here are a few questions worth thinking about. Are you wise and do you have wise people around you? Do you have the traits of a wise person? Are you teachable and willing to grow? I hope you choose to become wiser.

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