Positively Discipline Your People

Every leader faces times when they need to correct and discipline their people. This might not be one of the highlights of leading but it is a must. But would you believe that if you do need to discipline your people it should not be all negative or be a negative situation?

While being one of the leaders at a youth church I learned that you can positively correct and discipline your people. One of my mentors and the pastor at the time shared with me the key to positively correcting. He shared with me that whenever I needed to confront someone about a situation or behavior, I needed to say more positives than negatives. One way this could be done is by saying a positive then the negative and then another positive.

So whenever I correct or discipline someone I bring up the problem, help them with how to change the problem and then share with the person what they are doing well. This shows the person what and how to change while building up the person by saying positive aspects about their work or behavior. So there’s how you can positively discipline your people. When you discipline your people is it more positive or negative?

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