5 Keys To Becoming An Effective Blogger

I have been blogging for over a year and a half. During that time I have learned and still am learning how to be a successful blogger. I have learned a lot about writing and blogging through reading other blogs, talking with successful bloggers, and through my own personal experience. Here are 5 keys I have learned that can help you become a successful writer and blogger:

1. Be consistent in your writing- People want to know that you will have a continual flow of content. Posting frequently will increase your blog traffic. So discipline yourself to be consistent.

2. Become a better writer by writing often- The best way to becoming a better writer is by writing, a lot.

3. Stay focused on areas of expertise- Stay in the areas that you have knowledge in and a passion for. Stay within your strengths and expertise. For example, I want to help leaders grow and develop so my focus is on blogging about leadership.

4. Quality matters- If you want people to come back to your blog then the quality of your post is important. Take the time to think and write quality posts.

5. Short blogs are best- I have read many well known bloggers say that your post should be limited to about 500 words. So make sure you write short posts. I try and have a balance between short (150-250 words) and longer (400-550 words) posts.

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6 thoughts on “5 Keys To Becoming An Effective Blogger

    • Between the time I posted this post until now, I have started to have my word count be around 300 words. Some times it a little longer but never write more than 500 words. Glad you enjoyed reading this post.

  1. One key thing for me when I am reading others blog posts is length. 400 to 500 is the max I have the patience to read. Many times I’ve started reading a post, then I scroll down, and see how long it, I stop reading.

    • Juan,

      I’m the same way. I find it very hard to read a post longer than 500 words. This is why I make sure not to go over 500 words. A short and powerful post is one I’m looking forward to reading. Thank you for reading and sharing.