Present & Future Focused

It’s important for leader’s to have a vision of the future. But they can’t be so focused on the future that they lose sight of the present. Leader’s need to look toward the future while not neglecting the present. I like to share with leaders that they should always look toward the future while living in the present. So they can lead today while sharing with others about tomorrow. A leader needs to have a balance of both the present and future to be effective at leading. In Tony Dungy’s book The Mentor Leader, he says this about the topic of being present and future focused;

“A compelling vision and a clear mission statement are absolutely critical to effective leadership and a leader’s ability to lead. However, in the process of planning and looking ahead, too many people lose sight of the present and forget to enjoy the journey along the way. For leaders, life is about the destination and the journey”

Don’t be so focused on just one of these factors that you aren’t able to lead successfully. Be a leader who is enjoying today while looking toward the future. This can be done by maintaining a balance between being focused on today and tomorrow.

Leader’s have a tendency like Tony mentioned to be so focused on the future they don’t enjoy getting there. This might be because a lot of leaders are programmed to be future driven and be striving for something greater. But don’t allow that to happen to you. Maintain a balance of both the present and future. Be a leader who is present and future focused. Do you spend too much time on one of these areas? Do you have a balanced between the present and future?

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