Leader’s Practices

Leader’s need to spend time getting better at what they do and that is done by practice. It takes years of practice for leader’s to become great at what they do. Leader’s know that practice will take time and energy but the rewards are worth it.
The best practice is done intentionally and in areas of strengths. Leader’s need to practice in areas that will allow them to become better, while staying away from practicing in areas that will only make them become average. Leader’s should take the time to practice on a daily basis and only on areas where they would like to improve.
In “Talent is Overrated”, Geoff Colvin shares these 5 elements of practice,
1.  It is designed specifically to improve performance.
2. It has to be repeated a lot.
3. Feedback on results must be continuously available.
4. It is highly demanding mentally.
5. It isn’t all that much fun.
Leader’s need to understand and apply these 5 elements to their life. Choose to intentionally practice in your areas of strengths and talents. Make a choice to focus on the above areas so that you will reach the next step of your leadership potential.

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