The Future Can Be yours

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish in the future? What about this year or in the next 5 years? Whatever you plan on doing depends on you. Your future dreams and desires can be accomplished if you choose to pursue them. But you first must spend time thinking about and looking into the future. How much time have you taken to think about your future? James Kouzes says, ” The quality of being forward-looking is second only to being honest as their most admired leader quality. Taking the time to think about and having a plan for the future is a must for all leaders.

This means that if you want to lead a successful life and be above the rest, you must look into the future. Leader’s must set their eyes on the future and what they desire to accomplish. People are looking for and will follow leaders who have a clear picture of the future. Leader’s must also share their future dreams and desires with the people who follow them. This shows people that the leader is going somewhere. A clear picture of the future opens the door to success and allows a leader to continue leading others.

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