Will Technology Block Your Thinking

Many things can cause a leader from spending time thinking, and technology is definitely one of those things.  Leaders can use technology to do great things and to get things done faster, but we should not allow it to run our lives.  Leaders should not allow the changing world or advancing technology to block them from thinking.  Leaders should regularly turn off their phones and computers and spend time thinking about problems, topics, and the future.  While others are blocked from thinking because of technology you can adapt a habit of thinking that will raise you to the next level in your life.
Leaders have an opportunity to always be leading and be successful if they choose to spend time thinking. The future will be lead by people who use technology but not allow it to block them from thinking. The next generation of leaders must understand the power of thinking and reflecting. Take the time this week to turn off your phone, close your computer, and separate yourself from distractions, so you can think.    

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