Surrounded by Godly Leaders

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I am still learning and growing in my own leadership but one thing is certain for me, I need leaders around me, in a 360 degree sense, laterally and horizontally. Here are 10 reasons I need to be surrounded by leaders.

1Diversity– If everyone in the circle looks the same, thinks the same, see’s things the same, we are all just agreeing and not thinking deep enough and diversity has always taught me to reach, think and work beyond my own comfort.

2Wisdom– Proverbs over and over tells about the advise and counsel of others, that it’s a blessing. A group of wise, experienced leaders will bring you so much value, they will always see things through a filter of life beyond your own experience and the combination of those lives is far richer when it comes to decisions.

3Accountability- What a joy to have leaders around me who see when things begin to change in small doses and in love hold me accountable, stay in my life, remind me of truth and reality.

4. Learning- The leaders who mentored me were always willing to teach me early on, I learned at the gym with them, I learned at Starbucks with them, they would drop books off at my desk when I wasn’t looking, I mean I learned and learned and when I am surrounded by leaders I learn and grow best.

5. Covering- I was never taught this part of leadership in ministry as a child but God made sure to teach it to me personally and painfully. It’s the most valuable point I can make in this post. Leaders above you are your covering, they are their to help you mature and succeed, they help your character grow and also testify to God’s work in your life, your leaders, our leaders are a blessing and placed by God over everything we do, walk in their covering.

6. Instruction- Again, the Book of Proverbs hits this point of embracing and accepting instruction a lot and for good reason, instruction helps us grow in humility and wisdom, get as much instruction you possibly can, always be ready to listen, learn from it, seek it out from those who surround you daily.

7. Truth- Ever see something way out of perspective or tend to over-react? I know I did and I usually did this most when I was outside of a solid circle of leaders, why? Leaders speak truth, they always operate in reality and see things with a calm, positive and effective mindset that keeps the chains moving and helps us see the truth too.

8. Unity– There is great power in the a unified group of Godly men and you can know God is among them. When you are submitted to the unity and harmony of leaders, it teaches us one of the greatest lessons we can ever learn from Jesus, meekness, patience and faithfulness.

9. Encouragement– Some have said leadership can be very lonely, I personally don’t fully agree with that, the burden may feel lonely but people are always ready to walk with us just as the Lord is and another great reason I love to be surrounded by leaders is I find strength and encouragement within that circle.

10. Balance- A solid group of leaders always brings value and perspective to any conversation, I can remember plenty of times just speaking with one of my leaders and having them ask, “are you spending time with your wife?” or in other seasons “are you seeking the Lord enough?”, leaders bring us so much value and the more diverse the group the more value and balance they can bring in our lives.

One thing is very clear for me in this new season of my life, being surrounded by leaders is a must, it can be a tweet, a call, a conference, a meet up at Starbucks, all of it blesses my life and helps me grow and continue growing as a leader.

Question: What are some reasons you might need leaders around you?


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  • Floyd Samons

    Great points. Sounds like you are in a very blessed position. To be able to lead as a team is much preferred place, a good reminder that we need to seek other wise council to be on our side with the direction from God.

    • It’s so important to seek wise council and advice. Thank you for reading the guest post.

      • Da, so great meeting up with you, a real joy. Your blog is looking good, hang in there.

    • Seeking counsel from wise leaders and simply putting yourself in a position to keep learning, these help me fight my pride daily which is always ready to step in and take it’s ugly control. Thank you Floyd.

  • I feel that having other leaders around me encourages and uplifts me. We’re able to share our struggles and see opportunities to grow.

    • So true Joe. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • Joe, thank you, yes the fellowship of leaders is a really great way to stay encouraged and grow,.

  • I need leaders around me for grounding. I benefit from their perspective, insight, cover. I like these 10 points, the lay it out well.

    Great post.

    Dan – All the best as you work out the kinks.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. Its true, having others around us helps us stay “grounded.”

      Thank you Ngina:)

    • Ngina, Thank you I pray God would grant you your request and surround you fully.

  • Great post Marc, I need leaders around me for guidance. I’m liking what you’re doing with the blog Dan.

    • It’s a great reminder, right:) We all need others around us. Thanks for reading and your friendship.

    • Thank you Kimanzi, isolation for us will destroy us, get surrounded.

  • Jeff Hamilton

    great advice…convicting because I don’t tap in to the goo group of leaders I know and have access too. Dear LORD Jesus, cause me to have more fellowship with my brothers in the LORD that are your leaders. jh

    • Jeff,

      Glad it challenged you. I’m also making it more of a point to associate with the leaders and Godly wise people, that are around me. It’s important to have relationships and a community of people we can be around. Thank you so much for stopping by to read and share.

    • Way to go Jim, glad to read your prayer and how the Spirit moved you to draw closer to the leaders around you.

  • This is a great post Marc. When you are intentional about Leadership and you surround yourself with people headed in the direction you are headed, great things start to happen. You have 10 great points here that are very crucial to anyone in Leadership.

    • Marc really nailed it on this post. Leadership and people go hand in hand. Thanks for reading and sharing.

    • Thank you Lincoln, appreciate your encouragement.

  • DS

    Covering – I have not really heard this term used in a way like this before. I’d love to learn more about it.
    Leaders around me help hold me accountable, and help keep me motivated. I can feed off of other leaders.

    • Thank you for sharing today, in regards to covering….there are two extreme sides to this but God’s sovereignty to “works things out” in both. Biblical examples are this: Saul was David’s covering, he was King and appointed as his leader (although Saul was horrible with David, God matured David IN the covering-Since David honored that Covering, God promoted HIM to king)
      My other example is Elijah and Elisha (Elijah was the prophet of the day and Elisha was learning under him, Elijah was HIS covering, because Elisha served faithfully under him he asked God for a double anointing when Elijah was taken into heaven…and God granted him, his request)
      One good leader, one bad leader, both covering…but in faithfulness both David and Elisha received what they asked from God and were promoted, stay faithful.

  • Bernard Haynes

    Great post Marc. I am surrounding myself with some good leaders. I have two leaders that I talk too weekly that hold me accountable, but also speak into my life. I also appreciate the new leaders (Dan Black, Kimanzi, Lincoln Parks and several others) that God has placed in my life. It has been a blessing to grow from them.

    • Bernard,

      It’s great your surrounding yourself around other leaders. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • That’s it brother, stay right there, the surest way to keep us learning and growing.

  • I love the idea of being “surrounded by leaders”, as opposed to putting all your stock in one “mentor.” Some good advice I heard a while back was to develop a team of coaches, each of whom are good at a certain specialty, and consult a given coach depending on your situation and who is best at that specialty. Since we are all human and have the ability to let others down, I like this approach better than putting someone on an impossible pedestal. Good post as usual, Marc!

    • What a great approach Stephen. I have heard the same thing before. One mentor never knows enough to help you in all the specific areas we need hep and development in (Besides Jesus). Thank you for adding to the discussion.

    • I love how you received revelation from it, a couching network of leaders, Love it.
      Thank you Stephan,

  • What a great post! The world has gotten away from the importance of leadership, and more importantly personal mentorship. It’s rare nowadays to find someone successful that will teach you exactly how they got there.

    Ryan Paul Ridgway – | Founder and Key

    • I’m glad you came by and read along with us, be blessed Ryan.