Things Leaders Should Avoid


Leaders should be careful to avoid certain things which will cause negative effects.  I recently read The Talent Master and the authors shared a list of some pitfalls for leaders to avoid. These are some of the most common things leaders do that lead to their downfall. So avoid them at all cost. Here they are,
Misfiring on performance or values, overcommitting and underdelivering.
Being too internally oriented.
Resisting change, not embracing new ideas.
Being a problem identifier instead of a problem solver.
Always being worried about your next career move instead of focusing on the present.
Being self-important and rigid, with no sense of humor.
Lacking the courage to push back on the system.
Not developing your own succession plan.
Not growing, being complacent.
Not keeping up with the speed and character of external change.
If you want to reach your potential and succeed in life then avoid the above list. They may be simple but many have fallen because of them.

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