Every Good Leader Needs a Good Team

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It’s common knowledge that teams need a good leader to guide them through projects and conquer hurdles. Team members often have the intelligence and know-how to succeed, but lack the necessary power skills that a leader possesses. These qualities that good leader shave make them an essential player in the team, and teams are often chaos without one. However it is also true that every good leader is born from having a good team backing them up. The other team members don’t always get the credit they deserve, but what the team provides their leader is essential to overall success. Teams provide their leaders with:

1. Accountability – A true leadership role requires the leader of the team to accept accountability. Without a team in place, it can be easy for someone moving into a leadership position to want to default away from accepting a certain amount of accountability, but a dedication to the team keeps this responsibility in check.

2. Feedback – Leaders are often visionaries, bursting with ideas. Not every idea is going to be a great idea though, and it’s good to have a solid team in place that you can rely on for not just positive feedback, but realistic, candid feedback as well. A second set of eyes is always better than just one.

3. Commitment – The level of commitment that a good team provides to their leader is vital to a leader’s success. It is this support that allows people in leadership roles to continue to grow and excel in their role.

4. Vision – While someone in a leadership position may have the outline of a vision, it can be the team that actually helps fine tune it and turn that vision into a reality. No one can do it all by themselves, and having a team to help workout all of the kinks that pop up along the way, turning something that is rough around the edges into something well-polished, is essential.

5. Perspective – Sometimes even the most focused of leaders lose perspective, and having a good, strong, committed team in place can be exactly what they need to regain the original goal. Keeping perspective is a defining factor in success.

Leaders are often strong and capable people who have the drive and passion to succeed. But they are also often backed by teams that provide the qualities and characteristics that the leaders are otherwise lacking, and they can be counted on to offer their unwavering support to help aid in the success.

Questions: How important are teams in what you lead? What are some other essential qualities or characteristics a team needs to have?


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28 thoughts on “Every Good Leader Needs a Good Team

  1. Love your insight on # 2 and 5! Great job.

    That you are focusing on the team is great. A good leader still needs a good team. While some leaders are more motivational than others, all leaders need a good team to back them and help them lead.

    • I think the reason some leaders are good is because of a great team around them. They might be highly skilled and talented but with a great team around them it just maximized their effort and talents.

      Thank you for sharing TC Avey.

  2. One of the things that rarely gets mentioned is the fact that leaders do lose their focus, probably more often than is even realized. Great point.

    The team members are really leaders in their own right. While it might just be for a piece of the whole puzzle, it’s not complete and fails without them doing their part for the team. When the team members know that they lead their part in the process, all the way down to the individual, the team gets stronger.

    • Floyd,

      I know I have been guilty of losing my focus.

      Great points. I think it’s the leaders responsibility to empower their team members to lead and take ownership of their role on the team.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. I just want to agree very much w/ the point on feedback…on one of my sites I have several writers that help me out and some of them are very complementary (almost to the point of sucking up) and some are critical (in a good way)…and in a cynical genre (music) I need both as their leader…one to encourage me when I feel down and the other to tell me when i’m being a dufous when i’m doing something that isn’t helping our cause.

  4. I couldn’t do what I do without my team. Not only do they keep me on track and help me stay accountable, they also help me avoid making stupid mistakes that can backfire on me later. When everyone on my team disagrees with something I’m proposing, I know God is trying to get my attention.

    • Jason,

      Having a team in ministry is so important to advancing the Kingdom of God. It’s great how God uses other people to help us avoid a mistake or wrong direction. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Well said and a great spin on this topic. I would add encouragement, I know when I receive encouragement about my leadership, it certainty energizes me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Working collectively as a team in a professional environment is new for me. Serving on committees where the leaders are on opposite sides of the spectrum in personalities, it’s been challenging.

    From experience, qualities/characteristics that I believe a team need to have are:

    #1. Openly express your opinion whether you agree or disagree — While this can at times be challenging and can open argument, from experience, it hasn’t. Not only is the team able to express their opinion, they are able to receive constructive feedback whether the majority agree or not.

    #2. Stay positive — Having sat through a few meetings that were slightly uncomfortable, most of us were able to lighten the mood with a bit of humor to “liven the mood.” It’s easy to be discouraged and stay that way, but I’ve learned that a smile goes a long way. Even if decisions are made that most oppose, it’s always best to keep face and stay positive.

    #3. Encourage each other — Encouragement builds team morale. I have made it a point recently to encourage and praise every one on the team for their hard work. Even if I’m not a leader, I am still a team player. Whether it was sending an e-mail or stopping by their office to check in, I acknowledge them for the work they do. I have also found that when the Leaders of the committee see this, they have done it on their own too. Be the example/change you want to see.

    Great post and insight today.

    • Great additional insights. I think the points you mentioned are essential for team members and the leader to have. I think the leader needs to be the example and catalyst when it comes to establishing these and the other points mentioned in the post.

      Thank you for taking the time to add to the conversation and post.

  7. Dan, I think letting other team members Lead in their own areas is also important. Its allowing your team to support you as the Leader and grow at the same time. If you believe that you want to grow a successful team allow key stakeholders in your vision as a team to Lead an area. This not only creates a synergy on the tea. But the bond goes deep.

    I also think enjoying your team and knowing each personally and how they tick is important to creating a cohesive environment.

    • Great points Lincoln Parks, Letting others take the lead is important. Totally agree about the need of building relationships and a “cohesive team is important. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great post!

    My biggest revelation, when it comes to teamwork has been in marriage.

    I esp like #5…having another set of eyes, looking at the same thing from a different angle has been invaluable. It is truly hard (if at all) to be successful all by yourself – you need a team .

  9. Great post, Nancy!
    I think the feedback element is what stuck out to me. The boots on the streets are often the ones who see the problems and have the most ingenious solutions.

    • So true Stephen. I like your point about getting feedback “from a wide cast of characters.” Everyone has a different perspective you can learn from. thanks for sharing.

  10. I agree with this statement. We must know how to form a good team if we want to succeed as a leader. We need to be capable of taking decisions and risks, to be able to motivate others and to have good communication skills. By having some simple qualities, we can become great leaders.

    • Sorry about the late response, your comment slipped past me until now.

      Great additional thoughts. You listed some important characteristics a leader needs to have in order to build a team. Thank you for sharing.