Nourishment Centers For Leaders

Nourishment center are areas in a person’s life that will keep them fueled and when needed a jump-start. If applied into your life they can bring energy, encouragement, and motivation. Nourishment centers are simply areas in your life that pull at your heart and soul. Here are ten areas that you can apply to your life so that you will have a successful year:

1. Soul-Have areas in your life that will lift your soul. The way I lift my soul is maintaining my spiritual life. I have activities that lift my soul up. It does not matter if you are spiritual or not. But by having your soul lifted up will keep you going.

2. Hopes- Having dreams and hopes will increase your drive to do more. Reflecting on your hopes will lift you up. Hopes of where you would like to be and what you would like to accomplish in your life. I would encourage you to daily reflect on your dreams and hopes.

3. Home- Your home life and family is a great way to jump-start your life. There is something about family and doing activities with them that just renews your soul and life. Allow your family and home to be a place where you can be refreshed and renewed on a daily basis.

4. Giftedness- Being in your areas of giftedness will allow you to have energy and be jump- started. Staying in your gifts and talents will do wonders for your life. Focus on what you are good at and avoid the areas where you are weak at. By doing this will allow you to do great things.

5. Memories- Have and make new memories in which you can reflect on. Do the things that will provide good memories and then reflect on them often. This might be with friends, family, or coworkers. Do the things you can reflect on when you need a jump-start or to be uplifted.

6. Music- Music can change the emotions of a person. We all have songs that touch our emotions. I would encourage you to have 3-6 songs that you can listen to on a regular basis that lift you up and encourage you. Songs that give you emotional strength.

7. Thoughts- I often read and memorize different quotes and stories that motivate and stimulate my thinking. The constant intake keeps me going on the things I need to get done. Have several thoughts that lift you up and can jump-start you.

8. Experiences- Have positive experiences that you can reflect on. Different experiences can stay in our lives for decades. Experiences with family, friends, and events can stay with and bring back great memories. Continue to have experiences that you can reflect on. For me this is going to leadership and business conferences. I get jump-started when I am around other leaders.

9. Friends- There has been countless time when the encouragement of a close friend has lifted me up. I have an inner circle of friends in my personal and professional life that are always willing to talk and encourage me. Develop lasting friendships with people that will come beside you and lift you up.

10. Recreation- Have recreations in your life that will reenergize you. Find something that you like to do during your free time and do it on a regular basis. This might be a sport or hobby that you enjoy doing.

Question: What nourishment centers would you benefit from apply into your life? Can you think about any other ones?

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2 thoughts on “Nourishment Centers For Leaders

  1. Love this post, Dan! Great list. In addition to your list, reading is a source of nourishment for me. I get charged up reading inspiration, motivational, and deep material.