How to Lead at a New Job

I have the opportunity to guest post for Kimanzi Constable who blogs at Tales of Work. Below is a preview of the post but you‘ll need to head over to his site to read the entire post.

When you’re looking for a job you send out your resume and probably start networking with people in the field you desire to be in. If you’re lucky you will have a chance to interview for a position. An interview gives you a chance to sell yourself, your qualifications and skills and what you could bring to the potential employer. If a person is successful at accomplishing this then the next step is often a written or verbal job offer.

When you first start a new job it takes several weeks to be trained and adapt into the company. During this time there are some things you can start doing and should continue to do, so you can begin to lead others, even if you’re not in a leadership position.

Here are 3 ways you can start leading at a job:

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