How to Build a Platform (pt.2)

In 4 Factors to building a Platform I shared 4 factors to know and think about before building your platform. In this post I would like to share some ways a person can begin to build their platform so they can be increasing their influence and be moving forward.

Ways to build your platform:

  • Blog- The past several years the blogging world has exploded, creating a way for anyone to establish influence and authority through their writing. If you want to build your platform then think about starting a blog. Whether you have or are thinking about starting a blog here are two aspects every blogger needs to know:

1.  Consistency- When it comes to blogging, consistency is key.  Have a goal to write X amount of posts each week then deliver on that goal. I found if you are consistent then people will consistently come back to your blog.

2. Content- Become a good writer who produces unique and quality content. This requires taking the time to become a better writer and finding your writing voice. When you do this people will want to read what you’re writing.

  • Speeches or Presentations- If you begin to publicly communicate your message then it helps build your platform. This might be done through speeches or offering trainings. When you do present or give a speech it should be aligned with your niche and passions and you should be adding value.
  • Products and resources- Another way to build a platform is to create and produce products or resources. This takes creativity and thinking about what you should produce, and then requires hard work and time to accomplish your product(s). If you do this it will expand your message and expertise.
  • Consulting or mentoring-consulting and mentoring others within your area of expertise can help in building your platform. This allows you to bring value to an individual, company, or both. Through helping them become better and advance forward.
  • Social media- Social media allows you to connect and network with like minded people. If you want to build a strong platform then begin to connect and build relationships with others through Facebook and Twitter.

Remember if you build a platform it will increase your influence and impact onto others.

Question: Do you have a strategic plan to build your platform?

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30 thoughts on “How to Build a Platform (pt.2)

  1. “I’m givin’ her all she’s got Captain”! I find the hardest part, not that I’ve honestly pushed to hard, is the speaking engagements. For my particular goal of being published, I think it’s all about the product; if it’s really special, it gets a whole lot easier.

    • Floyd,

      Great quote (From whoever it was)!!!

      Your doing a great job at building your platform through your blog. I know the publishing will come at some point. Keep pushing forward my friend.

    • Joe,

      I can’t wait to read his new book. I can’t wait to apply and see the results/benefits from reading his book.

      I have also noticed my traffic is increasing each month. I have a steady gain. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. Due to time constraints I’m doing the best I can. I’m seeing an increase traffic and that gives me hope. If I had more time I would use FB also!

    • I know how you feel TC Avey. I’m also very busy with work and family but am doing the best I can with the time I have. It’s all we can do.

      We must be doing something good because we are both seeing increased traffic.

      Thank you for reading and your support.

      • God is so good to bless our endeavors and our limited time- I know a new baby can change life and challenge time management, but it really does go by so fast! I can’t believe I have a walking/talking miracle!

        I enjoy reading your blog- thanks for your ministry.

        • Amen to that! Yes, a new baby and working over 48 hrs a week while trying to better build my platform and create requires time management. But I’m getting use to all the great changes of having a baby boy. God bless.

  3. While I’m still in the infant stages of my platform, developing relationships through social media has been key for me. I know I expect growth to happen instantly, but when I get impatient, I recall what Chris Brogan wrote in a recent blog – that it took him 8 years to get his first 100 readers. Building one-on-one relationships is key.

    • Chris,

      Social media is a great way to connect with others. Keep building your platform, your blog is great! It shows that if a person is consistent and disciplined then it will pay off. Thank you for reading and joining the conversation.

  4. Greatly helpful tips, Dan! Platform is a must for anyone who wants to succeed. Blogging and social media have opened a free and wide door for that. But it takes vision, planning and wisdom to use them right and consistently.

  5. Okay Dan! I am convicted! My biggest problem is consistancy! and content! Sometimes it is hard to write because it is hard to believe anyone would ‘want’ to read what I write. As for a strategic plan – I am lucky if I make my daily goals – too many distractions and my age keep me from seeking too much for the future.

    • Susan,

      I encourage you to have faith and know your writing matters, to God and to other people. Your writing does help and make an impact on others. Let’s remember though others may read our blogs we write for an audience of one, God:)

      It might help to take some time to think about your writing goals. Remember small steps are better than no steps. Small progress is better than no progress.

      God bless.

  6. I agree that these are great tips to build a platform. Seeing you write these makes me excited for you to read Michael Hyatt’s new book, it’s an excellent step by step guide to building a platform.

  7. Yes Dan, I totally agree with all the points you have listed. How I’m building my platform is via my blog but also through my Networking business. In Leadership I speak allot and offer solutions to many peoples problems in the industry. This is leading to creating products which will serve a need and a purpose. I am also planning a Major conference with speakers like in our community. I think this will help to expand our platforms.

    • Lincoln Parks,

      Your doing a fantastic job a building your platform. I know my blog has been a catalyst for starting to create products. I’m still in the process of working on some of the products and hope toward the end of the year some of them would be finished.

      It would be great to hear more about the conference, I have always thought it would be great to have a conference where the speakers are some of the people within our community. Maybe have one main speaker who is well known then the rest be people who have built a platform.

      Thank you for sharing and adding to the post.

  8. Great summary, Dan.
    It’s fascinating to me how many of my friends are traveling the world as speakers 3 weeks out of the month, but never thought about launching a website or blog. I always try to point out the importance of an online presence for them. With all their speaking content creation would be so easy, if they just recorded their sessions and uploaded it on youtube.
    Investing time in an online presence is one of the smarter things you can do today. It’s so scalable and so much fun. Building a following has countless benefits such as selling products in future our gaining clients for offered services.
    You’re doing a great job here and really inspire me especially when it comes to consistency. I’ve not been very good with that lately, since life got busier in other areas. I guess it’s important to stay consistent, even if you scale down the frequency of posts. E.g. going from 3 times a week to 1 time a week.

    • Daniel,

      That is amazing. I think if they did build a platform they would be able to expand their influence and reach. Great idea about recording their speeches then posting them on their site or blog, it’s an easy way to get your content out to more people.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Your right, consistency is so important. I think it’s important to know what you can do, even if it’s one post a week, then let your readers know that your going to be posting 1-X amount each week. So they know it and don’t think your just being inconsistent with posting. That’s why I have in my About Me page that I post 3-5 times a week. Keep doing what you can because your doing a great job with content.

      Thanks for reading and sharing.

  9. I have a somewhat strategic plan. I guess you could say it’s a tentative plan. I imagine it will change as I go along and adapt. I hope to eventually transition into public speaking – I would love that.

    • Loren sorry about the late reply, I some how overlooked your comment. I hope you understand.

      Great plan! I know as you moved forward your dreams of becoming a public speaker will happen. Thank you for sharing.