A Blogger’s Writing

One of the goals bloggers should have is to influence people to read their blog. The main thing that will keep people coming back is the writing of the blogger. There are many factors that are needed if you want to be a successful writer. Here are a few thoughts that will help you when you write,

Emotional connection- What you write needs to connect with the readers emotions. Something that can connect the reader to what you are writing is a must. We are all emotional beings that need to have our emotions sparked. So create that spark with your writing.

Adds value-Bloggers need to write about something that adds value to the reader. Adding value to your readers will increase your influence toward other people. If you are a writer then you should write things that adds value and benefits others.

Relevant-Readers are looking for things that are relevant to their life. Things that will be relevant to who they are and what they do. They must be current with the fast pace world and in touch with today’s culture. It must apply to the reader’s wants and needs.

Applicable- Writers need to write so that the reader will walk away with something they can apply into their lives. Something that will challenge the reader to go from reading to action. It has to be easily applicable to the reader.

Apply these 4 things into your writing so that you can gain a greater audience of readers.

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