Protect Your Leadership or Calling

It’s Guest Post Monday!!! This post is from Marc Millan who is a worship pastor and fellow blogger. Make sure to check out his blog  and follow him on Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to have a post featured on my site then click here.

The last several months I have had ample time to reflect on some things, God’s word, life, experiences and it has brought great clarity to my life. I am a growing leader but I am also called to ministry so this time has helped develop both. Through much prayer and revelation from God, I have discovered these few steps to apply in my own life first, I’d like to share them with you here because I am seeing their impact in my life, fruitfully. I believe if we, as leaders want to ultimately serve others and show the world that there is a difference in how we lead, we not only have to be examples but have to constantly examine ourselves, like the Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 13:5.

1. Fight your pride daily– I cannot emphasize this enough, Pride is a silent killer and will destroy you if you don’t recognize it and ask the Lord to deal with it. Jonathan Edwards wrote a great essay on Pride, it revealed at least 9 symptoms, it’s a real eye opener. A practical way I approach this is start my mornings, daily by confessing to God “Lord, I am prideful and selfish person, help me be humble and serve others.” Pray, listen to those closest to you, embrace and seek feedback as often as possible as soon as you close your ears to others….beware…pride is setting in.

2. Walk in the counsel of others– In Proverbs 15:22 we read Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.” This has transformed me as a leader, if I can be honest. Through prayer, through God’s word I am able to discover and deal with my heart but then after I begin to gain clarity from reflecting and seeking the Lord I turn to my mentors, pastors I trust and ask them to counsel me, give me advise on what I feel the Lord is telling me. Since God is not the author of confusion I can trust he will speak in unison, so when I begin to discuss things with my Godly counsel the truth of what I am pursuing becomes ever more clear.

3.Remember to be thankful– It takes a mature and humble heart to remain thankful regardless of circumstances because we are prideful people and we LOVE to be in complete control at all times. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to “be thankful in ALL circumstances.” Not just the good ones but in all of them and as leaders, not everything goes our way, but the Lord is saying, be thankful, in other words, even come to the Lord and thank him for the trouble you are facing, for the problems and stress, thank him. He desires a heart of gratitude always. It might be the very trouble you are facing is God trying to work out something still not perfected in you.

Our experiences are all unique but we share the same emotions and in that we have common ground. My experience in leadership and ministry has not always been pleasant, I have been betrayed, hurt and disappointed many times but I have learned to implement these three important steps to keep me humble, keep me learning, help me to make the right decisions and to keep me thankful. My desire is to take what was intended for harm and allow God to use it for good; I hope these steps can help you too.

Question: How do you protect your leadership calling?

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  • Great post as always Marc!

    Having a firm foundation in Christ and knowing who I am in Christ helps me through each day. When I’m not sure what to do I think of the old WWJD bracelets and that sometimes helps.

    • TC,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. Never got the WWJD bracelet but stopping to ask “is this the attitude of Christ” is helping me daily.

      • I can see how that question would help a person be more like Christ.

  • Excellent post – when I read the title I had two of the three you wrote about pop directly into my head.

    Another thing that helps me is knowing who I am and what I have been called to do – these help keep me on track too.

    • Jim,
      Purpose, staying there, great point, thanks for adding that in here.

    • Jim, your for sure a pastor:) Thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Sound advice. I try to be in constant weekly study seeking HIm. It seems to keep me grounded in HIs truth and gives me a heavenly perspective… It’s all about perspective isn’t it? Thanks for sharing the sound Biblical advice.

    • Floyd,
      Glad you shared today, revelation, how God explains himself through his word is the best.

    • A consistent and frequent study of the Bible and seeking God is so important. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great post Marc! I haven’t read anything by you before, but I really enjoyed this. It sounds so simple (but as we know, simple doesn’t = easy):


    If we could intentionally be mindful of these 3 things, we could dramatically step up our leadership.

    • Cole,
      Thank you for the kind words and hope we interact more so help each other grow.
      I really like how you summarized it,
      Pride/ Counsel/ Gratefulness
      Gotta tweet that.

    • Cole,

      Make sure you check out Marc’s blog and connect with him through social media. His blog is full of wisdom and insights. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great post and some great points to work on, I really enjoyed this post.

    • Thank you Kimanzi,
      I am glad it was received well.

  • Great stuff Mark! I think Pride is the biggest thing to guard against. It creeps up so subtly and quietly you don’t see it. Knocking it down each day is key.

    • Joe, thank you for your kind words and thoughts.
      Spiritual pride is the worst offender and the sneakiest. Agree.

    • So true Joe. It’s something everyone has to guard against. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • I bring a number of men around me who I trust to not only help me lead but also to speak into my life and call me out when I’m allowing pride or bitterness or pain to creep into my life. These men keep me going, help me stay on the path God has called me to, and aren’t afraid to slap me upside the head when I’m being a little baby.

    • Thank you Jason,
      I have a prayer group I submit myself to and also a group of Pastors I communicate with often.
      Crucial to growth.

    • It’s wise to have a group of fellow brothers who can encourage and at times give you a kick in the rear. Since moving from Portland to San Diego I have been finding and connecting with others who can be in my inner circle(Who live in the SD area). I have people like that who I can call but know the importance of having a group of people who live close to me.

      This is such an important aspect to protecting our leadership and calling. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great stuff Marc- feels like another way to protect your leadership is to get more and more people involved in the process! I also loved the idea of thankfulness that you mentioned and keeps you continually recognizing God is at work!

    Great stuff!

    • Thank you David,
      God created community and for good reason!

  • Marc, great post. The very topic of your blog post says it all and protecting your Leadership calling is very important because its what you are defined as. A great Leader and example setter. I like the silent killer called Pride. Wow, its so easy to get caught up in your own hype that you loose sight of your true calling. Great post!

    • Thank you Lincoln, appreciate your honesty.
      Jonathan Edwards wrote a great journal on Pride, google it, it really opened my eyes.

      • Googling as we speak. Thanks Marc

      • I’ll have to Google that as well. Thanks for the recommendation Marc.

  • Marc, I protect my leadership calling by listening. It is critical of leaders to hear the hearts of those they are leading. Recently an employee of one my fellow managers resigned. One of the reasons he mentioned was that management was not willing to listen and learn. I lead a virtual team that is very independent. One of the things that I do is hold bi-weekly 1 on 1 with each team member. I want to ensure that they know they have an outlet for their voice.

    • This sounds great, listening is a fruit of humility, pride closes us to the hearts and thoughts of others.
      Way to go bro.

  • This is wonderful Marc. Fighting pride, listening to others and being grateful are paramount to growing forward. I would add that fighting self loathing and listening to bad advice are important, too. It is a matter of taking all things in life in context, and putting it to good use.

    • Susan, thank you kindly for your words.
      I love what you added, the Bible is clear about both….thank you for adding them.

    • Great additions Susan. Thank you for adding to the discussion.

  • I’ve always believed a balance of “confidence” and “humility” is an amazing combo in leaders. I believe those two traits fit your first point…fighting your pride daily.

    • Kent,

      To be confidence while being humble is some times a challenge but it’s so essential. Both traits are needed in a leaders life. Thank you for reading and sharing your insights.

    • Hi Kent,
      I appreciate your thoughts, thank you for sharing, only for me, the more I read the Bible, the more it tells me that y conscience comes from really knowing Christ, my humility comes from knowing Christ. Jesus knew who he was from the Father etc,..
      I am not saying this might be the same revelation for you, but for me at least, the scriptures lead me to understand it that way.

  • Totally rocking post…I really like #3. Remembering to be thankful is huge in the life of a leader. It helps see clearly when the difficult times come. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting Jay.

    • Thank you so much Jay,
      I am glad you received the thoughts laid out here.

  • Your point about counsel is great. It’s so easy for us to go it alone and try to learn things going solo. But the wise counsel of others has literally been life changing for me.

    • Totally agree Loren. Thanks for taking the time to read and share.