Character Defined

Leaders who want to lead effectively must have good character. If your focus is on having and building good character you will always be the leader. A leader can’t count on skills or talents alone, they must have good character.

The character of a leader must be in their personal and professional life. They can’t have character in one area of life and not the others. The leader must have character in all areas of their life. You can’t be successful without having a foundation of character. To help you better understand Character here are some definitions that might help you from Frank Damazio,

Character is what a person is at the present time.
Character includes a person’s inner thoughts, motives, and attitudes, not just a person’s actions.
Character does not appear without pressure.
Character is not only that which other people see on the external, but that which other people do not see.
A person’s character can be discerned by the way he respects and honors his mother and father.

So focus on having good character; because, if you do you will always be moving to the next level in your leadership and life.

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