A Leaders Responsibility

One of the toughest parts of being a leader is taking responsibility when the choices you make fail. When that happens leaders need to take the responsibility while not pointing the finger at other people or outside circumstances.  Here is an example of a leader who was willing to take responsibility for a high-risk decision.
 On the night of D-Day Eisenhower wrote this message to General George Marshall, his commanding officer, if the assault failed. It shows the responsibility of a leader to be accountable while not blaming anyone else. “Our landings in Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My Decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air, and the Navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”
Eisenhower was willing to take responsibility for his actions before the outcome of D-Day. He had a preplanned response if the mission had failed. He was not about to blame anyone but himself. He was going to take responsibility for his decisions and actions no matter how the event turned out and that is what great leaders do.

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