Jon Acuff’s Thumb Test

Jon Acuff is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like and a member of the Dave Ramsey team. In a recent video post he share about The Thumb test.

This clip shares something everyone should know and do. If you would like to read Jon’s blog click here.

Question: What are your thoughts about the thumb test?


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27 thoughts on “Jon Acuff’s Thumb Test

  1. I saw this on his blog a few days ago. It’s huge in the advertising/branding sector. If everything about your business isn’t readily identifiable as yours, as opposed to your competition, you are doing something wrong.

  2. This one is still a challenge for me. Since I’m still fairly new at blogging, I don’t have a real solid voice or theme yet. The thumb test works best when you have an established writing record to compare new things to.

    • Rob,

      I found it takes time for a person to find their blogging voice, stick with it and you’ll get their. This concept is something bloggers can use and apply. Glad the clip was a challenge.

  3. Wow, that’s something to think about! I’m not sure my blog/writing is distinguishable, I sure hope it is.

    Thanks for sharing, this is something to work on.

    • TC Avey,

      I believe your blog distinguishable. This is a great concept we should be applying when writing and on each blog post.

      Before watching this clip, I was really focusing on creating fresh/new content and ideas to write about. To me watching it really helped me.

      • Thanks for the compliment- it means a great deal.

        Your blog is distinguishable- you provide a great venue for people to meet each other. Plus you’re consistent in posting things related to leadership in some fashion or another. I always look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Very interesting. I think as far as content goes, most of what I do is pretty much me. The graphic stuff on the computer not so much. I struggle with technology… Good thoughts, something to keep in mind.

    I thought the thumb test might be to see if hitchhiking still worked… Uhhh, that one I no for sure I’d fail…

    • Floyd,

      I feel the same way. I also struggle with graphics and technology so it takes longer for me to do anything in those areas. But I have found my writing voice, which is a must for any blogger.

      Nice. Totally agree, I would also fail at that test. I chose not to have evidence as proof. Thank you for stopping by:)

    • Kimanzi,

      I agree, you do a great job at this. It’s something everyone needs to remember and think about, no matter how distinguished they are. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I saw that – I thought it was good. It’s something to definitely work towards. I would like to think I’d pass, but I think the best thing to do is to get a trusted friend to evaluate things instead of me. I’m probably a little partial :)

    • Loren,

      What a great idea about getting a trusted friend for the evaluation. I think I might also do that. Steady progress should be our goal. thanks for watching and sharing.

  6. When my first book was published, I handed a copy to my neighbor – after reading a few pages he stated, “You wrote this!” To which I replied, “Duh.” He went on to tell me that he could hear my voice in the words. That was the greatest compliment.
    With my blogs, I find myself putting a governor on my work. I have a really quirky, dry sense of humor and folks don’t always get it. Sometimes my posts come across as dull and way too analytical, but this is also a huge part of my personality (could be why I don’t have many friends…it’s okay though; I love my dog). I do need to learn how to relax when I am writing.
    Thank you Dan for posting this – I needed it! This will help me be a better writer.

  7. Love “the thumb test” … I can only say this about my writing… a few months ago the members of the mykillertribe community were asked to critique each others blogs… the common thread of my writing is that it is unique… a little odd, sort of like The Far Side. I guess I pass “the thumb test” right? (hee hee). Thanks Dan :-)