Become a Better Communicator If…

If you are a leader then a skill you need to develop and have is the skill of communication. No matter if you speak to an individual, group or audience; you need to be able to communicate your message effectively.  This year my focus is on growing myself as a better communicator, mainly to a group and audience. I believe that you can become a better communicator if,

You have a personal development plan to become a better communicator. 

You join a group that will allow you to better develop as a communicator (Like Toastmasters).

You practice, practice, practice, in private and public.

You are willing to change and grow.

You don’t let fear control your life.

You find a coach or mentor that will help you grow in your communication skills.

The skill of communication is a valuable asset to a leader, so do whatever you can to better develop your communication skills. No matter where you are at in your communication skills you can become better if you are willing to change and grow. This week choose one of the points from the above list and apply it to your life.

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