Courage’s Leadership

Leaders who let fear rule their life are going to have a hard time being a leader. Leaders should acknowledge fear but not let fear rule their life. Leaders can face fear head on by being courageous. Fears about economic times, personal weaknesses, or business can cause a leader to lose courage, fearing these things can really block a leader from doing great things. Fear can come into our life’s and look real when in fact it is not. Often times the thing that we fear the most is actually not as bad as we think. Greg Kozera in Learned Leaderships describes fear as,


We should not let the current economy or personal weaknesses determine who we will be as leaders. Fear could easily come into a leader’s life and cause them to see things that are not real. We should combat fear or the unknown with courage but often times this is easier said than done. We should grow and maintain our courage. Here are a few ways you can grow your courage,

1. Be around other courageous people.
2. Read and listen to things that will raise your confidence.
3. Acknowledge the economy and personal weaknesses but don’t let it bring fear into your life.

Leaders should focus on leading with courage while not letting fear rule their life. Leaders can lead with courage by putting themselves in places where their courage will grow. We should know that when fear comes into our life it is often something that looks real or true when in fact it is false.
The benefits of leaders having courage are countless. Courage can do a lot for leaders. Here are some things courage can do for leaders:

It helps leaders accomplish more than they can think or imagine.
It allows a leader to grow and change.
It helps leaders get up after a failure.
It grows a leader’s self-esteem.
It allows a leader to continue to move to the next level, in leadership and life.
It helps a leader to communicate better.
It combats fear and worry.
And it’s essential for the success of a leader.

It is important to grow and maintain your courage because it benefits yourself and others. Leaders should break away from fear and worry, by focusing on being courageous. I believe that if you apply some of the points I have talked about your courage will increase, which will allow you to lead and live better.

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