Grace Of God by Andy Stanley

I have always been a fan of Andy Stanley and when I had the chance to review his newest book, The Grace of God I jumped on the opportunity. Andy goes from the book of Genesis to current day discussing the topic of grace. He uses biblical characters to show the power of grace and what it can do for you. Some of the chapter titles include: chosen by grace, reused by grace, filled by grace, and commissioned for grace. Each chapter will leave you with a deeper knowledge of grace.

Reading this easy to read book has left me with a better understanding of grace. Grace is something everyone needs so reading this book will help you better understand grace and what it can do for you. I really enjoyed the biblical truths that where shared in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about grace.

Leaders should read this book because we are called to show grace to others. With a better understanding of what grace can do for us, leaders will be able to lead with grace. Leading with grace is the example Jesus has shown us, so let’s follow that example.

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