The Daily Habit of Thinking

I wanted to remind leaders the importance of spending time to think. Thinking is a skill leaders must have in order to be successful. Successful teams and companies have leaders who think. Leaders should take the time to think on a daily basis. In fact if we want to reach our full potential then we must spend time thinking.

Don’t think that you will become a good thinker over night, training yourself to be a great thinker takes time. If you are not a good thinker now you can change and become a great thinker. But it takes you choosing to take time to think. We should get in the habit of thinking on a daily basis.

While writing this I must tell you that the skill of thinking is still a habit I have to work on. One of the ways I am growing in my thinking skills and getting in the habit of thinking is spending my unproductive driving time to think. I try to keep a piece of paper with a topic or thought, so when I drive I can think and dwell on that thought. I write any new thought down on the piece of paper. While doing this I have come up with fresh new thoughts and ideas. Most days I end up having a half page full of thoughts or ideas of the topic I am thinking on.

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