Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker

This book shares insights on how the government controls and manipulates the poor society. This book not only tells you what the government is doing but it shares with you what you can do about it. Which is why this book is so valuable to read. The author shares her story about coming from being on welfare to being a successful business lady and author. I really enjoyed reading this book because it taught me what the government is doing to the poor and shared with me what I can do about it.

There are two groups of people in the lower class. The first group are people who are using the government to gain without working. the other group are people who are using the government help but are working to get out of the system. When you are using the government systems it is hard to climb out of it but can be done. It is important for people to understand where society is at when it comes to the poor. This book will expand your knowledge about the poor and the negative effects the government has on it.

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