Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado

Out Live Your Life is about the opportunity we have to make a positive difference in other peoples life. This books is centered around the book of Acts and gives relevant insights to Christians in the 21st century. If we are going to change the world we must understand and apply the principles that first started a Christian revolution. We can choose everyday to focus on being a shepherded to the lost and broken, if we do so we will live a life of meaning. We are called to make a difference in our community and church, so let’s start today.

The book is all about looking into and applying the stories of what Jesus and the disciples did to change their community and church. If we really want to make a difference we must apply these truths into our life. This book is both truthful and challenging.

Each chapter has a balance between biblical passages and other illustrations. Each chapter also opens and closes with scripture. I enjoyed reading this book because each chapter could be read in about 15 minutes. I highly recommend you to read this book. But be careful it might just change you.

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