What Successful Leaders Do

What people learn through difficult times is related to their attitude. Leaders who rise to the top often have a positive attitude. A success principle every person should know is that your attitude will impact where you will go in life. Many great things have been accomplished with a positive attitude. Often the difference between a good and great business is the positive attitudes the leaders and followers have. Below is a helpful list of how a positive attitude helps leaders be successful:

They have high frustration tolerance.
They encourage participation by others.
They continually question themselves.
They are cleanly competitive.
They control impulses to get even.
They win without exulting.
They lose without moping.
They recognize legal, ethical, and moral restrictions.
They are conscious of group loyalties.
They have realistic goals.
(Source of list, The Power of a Positive Attitude by Roger Fritz)

If you want to be a successful leader then adapt a positive attitude. It will allow you to do things you can only imagine. No matter what happens to you remember that it’s your attitude that will determine the outcome. I would encourage you to apply some of the above helpful hints into your life.

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