Talk Less

Good leaders know that talking less is a must. A leader should spend less time talking and more time listening. It a powerful skill a leader has when they do less talking and more listening. I have been around leaders who do all the talking and focus on themselves, whenever I am around them I feel drained after talking with them. But there are other leaders who focus on others by listening and engaging them, after I have been around those leader I feel empowered and uplifted. Have you ever been around a leader who does way to much talking? If you are a leader who might benefit from talking less or need to become a better listener then follow this formula while engaging in a conversation:

Family: Talk about their family.
Occupation: Talk about what they do for a living.
Recreation: Talk about what they do for fun.
Message: After you have spent time engaging the conversation then spend time talking about what you wanted to say. (Deliver what you wanted to talk about) This should only be done after you have spent time listening.

This formula might help you while talking to others. Remember that leaders should be great listeners and this is only done by asking good questions and talking less.

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