Bloggers and Writers, Connect with Emotions

What makes readers come back to your blog? They might come back because you write something that adds value to them, they grow and learn because of your writing, or because you attracted them through what you where writing about. Those and the emotional connection from the writer to the reader have a huge impact on people coming back to your blog. Making an emotional connection with the reader can be done through describing something that relates to our emotions and senses.

For example, if I was talking about Thanksgiving and described the tastes, smells, feelings, and other factors that go along with that Holiday; most people would have a positive emotional memory of a past Thanksgiving. Which engages the reader and they both would connect through common experiences.

Another example is if I talked about either a good or bad leader. Mostly everyone has seen or been around both a good and bad leader. If I described a situation that involved a bad leader’s negative behavior and attitude we all could go back and think about a situation that we have had with a bad leader. The writer could connect with the reader by explaining what they saw, felt, and what emotions they had.

So connect with your readers by making an emotional connection which can be done by describing a situation with all senses and through emotional connection.

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