Qualities Of A Leader

It is important to know and apply the qualities that successful leaders have. Doing what good leaders do is not enough. It takes doing what great leaders do which allows you to reach your potential and see lasting success. The best thing a leader can do is to find and apply the qualities of successful leaders. In my experience I have found these 5 qualities important when it comes to leadership:

1. Growth Driven– Being growth driven requires being intentional about learning and becoming better. Because who you are today will not allow you to become successful tomorrow, it takes the discipline to grow and develop yourself on a daily basis. It’s about preparing for tomorrow so you’re ready for the next opportunity. Remember, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” ~Oprah Winfrey

2. Relational Skills- This is such an essential quality in leading others. A leader needs to be able to build relationships and relate well with others. This requires having and developing Emotional Intelligence and people skills. A world class leader has the ability to connect, listen, relate, and build relationship with others. I agree with John Maxwell when he says, “Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership.”

3. Thinker- A often over looked aspect of leadership is thinking. This is because so much about leading is in “doing,” which makes it hard for a leader to slow down and take the time to think. If we want to develop the qualities of successful leaders then we need to become better thinkers. To help you become a better thinker here are a few things you can do,

Discipline yourself to think.

Associate with great thinkers.

Always have an inflow of good thoughts.

Find a place to think, share, and apply your thoughts.

4. Strength Based- Great leaders capitalize on personal strengths while delegating weaknesses. This is important because as Marcus Buckingham says, You will be most optimistic, most courageous, and most ambitious when you play to areas of strength.” This is an important quality because it places a huge factor in reaching your potential and seeing personal success.   

5. Influencer- an ancient proverb says, “If you think you’re leading and no one is following you, then you’re only taking a walk.” The quality of every leader is being able to influence others. If you’re not influencing others then you’re not leading anything.  When it comes to influence we should Grow and Maintain influence…Then Expand.

If you focus and apply these qualities in your life then I believe you will become a better leader and reach your potential.

Question:  What are some other qualities of a successful leader?

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18 thoughts on “Qualities Of A Leader

  1. I love your thoughts on the importance of being a deep thinker as a leader. I’ve found it’s helpful to read a lot. I picture it as pouring into myself so that I can be poured out for others.

  2. “Great leaders capitalize on personal strengths while delegating weaknesses.”

    Dude, I love that!

    And probably the most difficult for me to overcome.

    Thanks for these tips…soo good!

  3. Loved number 4! I have seen many leaders think it looks bad to delegate, instead they try to do everything and end up doing almost nothing- obviously these are not the most successful leaders.

  4. This is a great list Dan! And, it would do us all well to put these things into action. There are only two things I would add: Listen and observe. A huge part of being a good leader has to do with knowing what those around you are capable of, and the only way to know that is to pay attention to their abilities.

  5. #2 is huge. Sometimes overlooked for other qualities. Glad you put it in here.

    Matthew 8:8-10 is something I always come back to… being led by God and under His authority prepares us for leading others. He’s the best leader and example there is and if we learn from him, we’ll lead well.

    • I have seen the important in relational skills. This is such a great passage. Thank you for sharing and adding value to the post.